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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why to Work with a Specialized Disney Travel Agent

Working with a Disney World Travel Agent

The sheer volume of information required to plan a Disney vacation is more than the average traveler can comprehend. Just selecting the best theme park ticket options can be a daunting challenge, not to mention what time of year to travel, should you stay on property or off property, what hotel to pick, what restaurants to avoid – and that's just the start. The entirety of the DIS web site, including is devoted to that pursuit. But what if you don't have the time to do all that research and planning? What if you just want someone to break down all your options and guide you through the process? What if you want someone to watch for any discounts that come out and apply them to your vacation? That's where the benefit of a specialized Disney World travel agent comes in.

Why choose a specialized Disney World travel agent?
Traditional travel agents aren't always a good fit for a Walt Disney World vacation. It is unique among travel destinations in many ways. Disney World is 47 square miles, consisting of 20 resorts, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and hundreds of dining and shopping locations. Unless you've visited the parks religiously for years, you're not going to know the gory details of what's involved in getting the most out of a Disney World or Disneyland vacation. It takes professionals who have visited the parks multiple times over many years to truly understand the nuances of planning the perfect Disney trip.

One of the reasons sites like the DIS have become, and remained, so popular over the years is that people have learned that the more knowledgeable you are about Disney, the more money you can save, and the more value you'll receive for every dollar you spend. When you know where to go, what to do and what to avoid you'll have a much better experience and get more for your hard earned dollar than if you just show up and 'wing it'. However, not everyone has the time and patience to do all that research – that's where a good travel agent can make all the difference.

What to look for in a Disney World travel agent

A specialized Disney Travel Agent should be someone with an extensive background in planning Disney vacations – not just for their clients, but for themselves as well. They should have personal experience with the destination, not just the marketing material. Your Disney World travel agent should NEVER charge you extra fees of any kind. Travel agents make their money by the commission they are paid from Disney – not from the client. Also, your travel agent should not be charging your credit card. The travel industry has been fraught in recent years with agencies that take the client's money then go bankrupt, taking your money with them. A reputable online agency will securely provide your payment information to Disney, allowing Disney to charge you directly. This way, should something unfortunate happen to the agency, Disney has been paid and your vacation is safe.

One of the most valuable services an agency can provide is to be aware of new discounts and promotions that are released by Disney after you book your vacation. A good travel agent will not only know about these discounts, but will also make sure they get applied to your reservation without you ever having to lift a finger.

Information from! A GREAT source for Disney information as well as the

Friday, January 27, 2012

Save Time! Check in online!

Your precious vacation time is very valuable! Thankfully Disney has made one thing easy and that is checking into your resort! You can actually do this online!

Use of the Internet is continually expanding, and now you can take advantage of a new online service to simplify your arrival to the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Online Check-In Service enables you to simplify your arrival by allowing you to go online and provide information related to your upcoming stay.

On your scheduled arrival date, you may experience a streamlined check-in at your resort, since information will have been provided previously online. A welcome folder with your Key to the World Card will be waiting at a designated Online Check-In Service area in the resort hotel lobby. Please note that you will need to present valid photo ID to pick up the folder and complete check-in.

You may begin accessing Online Check-In Service 10 days prior to your arrival date. To begin Online Check-In Service, you will need the following information:

Reservation number #
Last name of the primary Guest on the reservation
Resort name
Check-in date
During the process, the following information will be requested:

A credit card for any incidental charges
Your anticipated arrival time
Your anticipated departure time
Names of all members in the traveling party
Any room requests (Please note: room requests are subject to availability)
Your home address
A contact phone number for you while you're on vacation

You will need to PRINT out the form when finished. CLICK the upper right hand Print icon in order to get the form that requires your signature. Once printed... sign & keep with your check in material. This will allow you to check in very quickly.

This can really save you some time upon arriving for your vacation and I am all about saving time and getting to the parks, food and pool as soon as possible!

Let me know if you have any questions about this and I will be glad to answer!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My list of MUST-SEE Walt Disney World Attractions

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park Must See Attractions
Expedition Everest
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Festival of the Lion King
Finding Nemo- The Musical
Kali River Rapids
It's Tough to be a Bug

Disney's Hollywood Studios Must See Attractions
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
Star Tours
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Toy Story Mania(Get a FASTPASS for this EARLY, they will run out quick!) Go as soon as the park opens.
Fantasmic (This is a night show)

Disney's Magic Kingdom Must See Attractions
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Haunted Mansion
Mickey's Philhar Magic
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
"it's a small world"
Dumbo The Flying Elephant
The Hall of Presidents
Jungle Cruise
Mad Tea Party
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
Peter Pan's Flight
Pirates of the Caribbean
Snow White's Scary Adventures

Disney's EPCOT Center Must See Attractions
Soarin'- GET A FASTPASS FOR THIS EARLY! This will have one of the longest waits in the entire Walt Disney World Resort
Test Track
The Seas with Nemo and Friends
Spaceship Earth
Turtle Talk with Crush
Mission SPACE

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disney's PhotoPass

What happens when you are the photographer on your family vacation? Well that usually means that it looks like you weren't even there! With Disney's Photo Pass, you can solve that problem!

Disney's PhotoPass is an amazing, FREE service!

As soon as you walk into one of the theme parks you will see some photographers in vests taking pictures, usually in front of the icon of the theme park. (For example, Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom) They will give you a card with a number on it, KEEP THIS CARD! DO NOT LOSE IT! Put it in a safe spot that is easy to get to. This card will be the only way to see the pictures that the photographer took of your vacation. Now this card (and the number on the back) is yours! Every time that you see a photographer, hand them this card and have them take your picture.

The number on the card is very important: make sure you take a picture with your camera or write it down somewhere because if it is lost, so are your pictures. If you do happen to lose the card, you can get a new one and then combine all your numbers later. Also, if your group separates and you have more than one card, you can still combine them all online later.

When you get home you simply log onto the, enter the number off of your card and your pictures are there for your to edit, play with and purchase! The photos are only available for 30 days.

Another fun tip: The photographers may ask you to do some fun poses. For example, they'll have you cup your hands or have you put them in the air like you're lifting something. When you view your photos, you'll see Tinker Bell, Figment, or Simba now added to your "magical photos".

Purchasing the PhotoPass pictures:

One good way to purchase the PhotoPass is to pre-order it. If you pre-order the CD before you travel the price is $99 and if you wait until you get to the parks the price is $150. If you do get the CD, make sure to get LOTS OF PHOTOS! Stop every PhotoPass photographer that you see!

You can also purchase the pictures individually, there are options for other packages as well.

Photopass Locations:
Magic Kingdom:
Main Entrance/Train Station
Town Square
Main Street
Castle Hub
Ariel's Grotto
Mickey's Toontown
Main Entrance/Spaceship Earth
Character Connection
World Showcase Locations
Test Track
Disney's Hollywood Studios:
Hollywood Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard Attractions
Sorcerer Mickey's Hat
Al's Toy Barn
Avenue of the Americas
Animation Courtyard
Disney's Animal Kingdom:
Main Entrance
Tree of Life and Expedition Everest Locations
Camp Minnie-Mickey
Character Boat Landing
Both Water Parks
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiques at Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom
When you dine at the following restaurants, you can opt to purchase tableside photos which will then be added to your PhotoPass account:

Cinderellas Royal Table
(photos are included in the price of the meal)
Princess Storybook Dining
(photos are included in the price of the meal)
Chef Mickey's
Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
Mickey's Backyard Barbecue

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On our local news station

Please check out this video of me and my family on the local news!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I made the front page of our local paper!

I made the front page of our local paper discussing becoming a Disney Travel Agent! Check it out!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to Basics: Values vs. Moderate vs. Deluxe

You will hear any Disney travel agent or frequent guest start using words like "value," "moderate" and "deluxe" when it comes to discussing Walt Disney World resorts.

So what does this really mean?

Obviously values are cheapest, moderates are in the middle and deluxe resorts are the most expensive.

The value resorts consist of the All Stars Movies, All Star Music, All Star Sports and Pop Century as well as the new Art of Animatio resorts that will be coming in May.

The Moderate Resorts are Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Fort Wilderness Campground and Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter.

The deluxe resorts are my favorite and consist of Animal Kingdom Lodge. Yacht and Beach Club, Boardwalk Inn, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Wilderness Lodge.

Besides price, what is the difference in these resorts?

Room Size: The rooms at the value resorts are going to be the smallest. A room in the value resorts are going to be around 260 square feet compared to the Grand Floridian (a deluxe resort) at around 400 square feet. When considering a resort, it is important to realize how much room you really need and how often you will be spending time in the resort. With small children it will probably be better to get a larger room.

There are major differences in transportation between value, moderate and deluxe resorts. A value resort will only have bus transportation to the parks and Downtown Disney. For me. transportation is a huge reason that I choose to stay at deluxe resorts, especially with small children. When you have a stroller with two kids it is a lot easier to just stroll onto the monorail without having to get the kids out and fold up the stroller. The Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian resorts are all on the monorail system and can take you to Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

The Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness Campground both have boats that will take you to the Magic Kingdom. The Epcot Area resorts consist of Disney's Yacht and Beach Club and Boardwalk Inn. You can take boats to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot from these resorts and you can even walk to both parks!

If you are staying at a moderate or value and are taking a bus to parks, there will be multiple stops to other destinations.

Restaurant offerings- The deluxe resorts and moderate resorts have table service restaurants and the value resorts have only quick service resorts. Value resorts do not have room service but do have pizza delivery.

Pools: Any pool at Disney is excellent but the value resorts pools do not have slides.

Resort Mini-Fridges: You will be charged a daily fee for a mini fridge in the value resorts while they are free in the moderate and deluxe resorts.

Disney has a resort to fit anyone's needs and budget! No matter what, stay on property!!! Call me today for a free quote!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clarabelle the Cow

The description of this blog states that I can occasionally ramble about anything Disney, well today is that day!

In case you don't know, my daughter's name is Klarabelle. We named her Klarabelle for a number of different reasons. First of all, my husband and I both have K names so we knew we wanted our kids to have K names. So we were always looking for a K name. Another way her name came about was the fact that I loved "Belle" names. I loved Annabelle and Isabelle but my husband wasn't too thrilled with either, they didn't start with a K and although I liked them, I thought they were pretty popular. I like uncommon names. So one day my husband says "how about Karabelle?" I didn't really like Karabelle but I added "L" to make it Klarabelle and we were hooked! I googled Klarabelle in the computer and up came "Clarabelle the Cow" I then discover that this had Disney ties and I KNEW that was going to be our little girl's name!

Even being a Disney fan, I had never heard of Clarabelle the Cow but now that our little girl is little we see a lot of her in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior.

So that brings me to why I decided to make a post on this blog about it! If we find any merchandise that is Clarabelle the Cow, we usually buy it. It is pretty rare to find anything since she is such a classic character other than on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Today I was browsing Disney Store's newest Spring items and came across this.

It's a 6 piece set and look what we have here!! CLARABELLE! The best part is that it's on sale! Yay! I bought it and either I will give it to our Klarabelle for Valentine's Day or in her Easter basket. I am pretty excited about my find.

Here is the link just in case you are a Clarabelle fan too!

Our next step is to find her in the parks!!

Deciding on a Resort-Which park will you spend the most time in?

There are many factors that go into deciding on which resort to stay in. We are planning a possible trip to WDW for my sister's high school graduation and the major factor in determining where we plan to stay right now is where we plan to spend the most time? We have two small children, my son will be close to one and my daughter will be two. So convenience to parks is a huge factor. We do not want to stay somewhere where we will have to take a bus to every park. We need another form of transportation whether it is boat or monorail. So we have to decide which parks we will be spending the most time in. If we think we will be spending a lot of time at the Magic Kingdom, then we should choose a Magic Kingdom Area resort. So you may be asking, well what resorts are in the the Magic Kingdom area? These resorts include Disney's Grand Floridian, Disney's Contemporary Resort, Disney's Polynesian Resort, Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Each of these 5 resorts provide another form of transportation other than bus to the Magic Kingdom. The three monorail resorts (Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian) provide transportation to Epcot as well.

On the other hand there are the Epcot area resorts. They include Disney's Yacht Club, Disney's Beach Club, Disney's Boardwalk Inn, Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. Caribbean Beach will still require a bus ride to every park but all of the other Epcot resorts have boat access to Epcot and Hollywood Studios or you can even walk to them!

So a major question may be, where do you plan to spend a lot of time? If your answer is Magic Kingdom, then the Magic Kingdom area resorts are probably the right choice for you. If your answer is Epcot or Hollywood Studios then you should choose an Epcot Area resort.

Sometimes it is just a matter of personal preference.

Of course there are many other resorts besides these in these two areas but this is just the dilemma that I am currently facing and I think this will help people who are asking themselves the same question that I am.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney's Royal Guest Rooms

If you have a princess in the family (I know that we sure do!) then Disney has a new room design for you! The Royal Rooms are in Disney's Port Orleans-Riverside resort therefore they are in the "moderate" category. Although they are in the moderate category, you will be paying a little more for these rooms than the average room at Disney Port Orleans resort.

The rooms will be available in May of 2012 and there will eventually be 512 rooms like these. You can already book these rooms today!

As usual for Disney, there is a story behind these resorts. It starts with Princess Tiana who stayed in these rooms and invited her royal friends for a little vacation getaway. The story says that each princess left behind a little something of theirs for princesses of all ages to enjoy.

Jazmine gives up two of her prized possessions in the room, first you will find her magic carpet in the carpet and the sink faucets are the magical gold genie lamp.

Cinderella left her gift of a golden coat rack complete with her pumpkin carriage.

Don't forget about Belle! She left her enchanted footstool as a beautiful gift to the room.

If you are looking for Ariel's keepsake in the room, look no further than the bathroom! She has left her "whozits" and "whazits" from her collection on the shower curtain in the room. You will find her fork and starfish.

Tiana wants every princess to understand every gift in the room so she left a note explaining every detail and welcoming the little princesses!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Last week, I gave a sneak peek of the new Art of Animation resort that will open later this spring. I thought today would be a good day to give some more information about the resort.

The resort will have 1,120 suites that will be themed after "Finding Nemo", "Cars" and "The Lion King". There will also be 864 rooms that are themed after "The Little Mermaid". The family suites are scheduled to be open by May of this year while the standard rooms will follow and open up in December.

The resort is going to have very impressive theming! There will be 3 pools and 4 courtyards. Each courtyard will be themed to the specific movie. The largest pool will be in the "Finding Nemo" area and is the largest pool on Disney property other than the water parks. It will measure 11.859 square feet. The other two pools will be in the "Cars" and "The Little Mermaid" area. There will also be an interactive water play area that the little ones will enjoy.

The resort will be able to accommodate all different sorts of party sizes.

The family suites are very spacious and can fit up to 6 guests. They have 2 separate bathrooms which will allow you to get ready faster in the morning for a great day at the parks! The have a very spacious master bedroom. You will have the options to sleep which include a table that transforms into a bed.

Guests will have access to childcare, concierge services, valet dry-cleaning and self-service laundry.

Other entertainment will be a video arcade and playgrounds.

Dining will also be a treat at this resort with a huge, themed food court.

The location of this resort will be close to Disney's Hollywood Studios and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. There will be transportation to and from each theme park and water park as well as Downtown Disney. The resort is also close to Disney's Pop Century resort.

The first phase of the resort ("The Finding Nemo" wing) will be open in May and is accepting reservations now! Call me today! The "Cars" wing is scheduled to open in late July and "The Lion King" will be September with "The Little Mermaid" in December.

Did I mention that this is a resort in the "value" category with rates similar to Disney's All-Stars resorts as well as Disney's Pop Century Resort? An even better reason to book!

I can't wait to see this resort!

Check out the video Disney has released promoting the resort!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Choosing an airline?

I have done a lot of flying out of Kansas City and my top priorities when flying to Disney are the lowest price and the flight with the best times. We always choose to fly out of Kansas City as early as possible so that we can get into Orlando early and get to enjoy the day at Disney. Then on the way home to Kansas City, I always choose the latest flight possible. I want to stay as long as possible!

Tip: Book as early as possible! You may be able to find some direct flights with no layovers. Who wants to waste time sitting in an airport when you can be waiting in line for Splash Mountain? Even if you don't get a flight you want, keep an eye on flights to see if any seats open. I don't think the saying "Money is Time" applies better to any situation!

So which airline is my absolute favorite? Southwest! I have a cute story about great customer service from Southwest when my husband and I were traveling to Orlando for our Disneymoon. When the Southwest team discovered that we were honeymooners, they created a veil and crown out of their peanuts and those plastic swords that they serve olives on in drinks. They also had toilet paper hanging off of them. They announced us as newlyweds on the PA and put the hats on our heads and then gave us a bottle of champagne that was addressed to us! We still have it and plan to drink it on a special anniversary. It really made us feel really special.

But this story is just one reason I love Southwest, there are many other reasons. First of all they offer a lot of flights out of Kansas City. Many of them are nonstop as well. They have an extra early flight that we usually take to Disney that I also like. They also seem to be the cheapest whenever I am looking! If their price goes down you can call them and the amount that it was reduced will be refunded to you. You can't beat that! Also, bags are free! I just don't think you can beat Southwest.

And maybe if you are lucky, maybe you will run into this guy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to Basics: Why to stay on property!

I have never stayed off Walt Disney World property when I have visited Walt Disney World and unless something crazy happened, I would never take a trip and plan to stay outside of the Walt Disney World Resort. Many people ask me why I wouldn't stay off property and I am here to tell you why!

1. Access to Extra Magic Hours-Everyday the one theme park stays open a couple extra hours and this is limited to only WDW resort guests! It is a lot less crowded during these hours and you can knock a lot of stuff off your list! Remember that you have to show your resort key at every attraction in order to ride! Be sure to check the resort calendar upon arrival to get the exact schedule of which parks will be hosting extra hours each day.

2. Disney's Magical Express- This is a free shuttle service to and from the airport to your Walt Disney World resort. It is quick and convenient and they take care of your luggage. It doesn't get much better than that!

3. Unlimited access to all transportation at the Walt Disney World resort. This includes boats, monorails and busses. I think this is the biggest perk. We don't rent a car and we never leave Disney property, we let Disney do all the work for us. You can get anywhere in the "world" for free!

4. FREE parking at all of the Disney theme parks.

5. Charging privileges- you can connect your debit and credit card to your "key to the world" card and then you can charge anywhere in the "world" to your room key.

6. Package Delivery- I LOOOOVE THIS! We don't have to carry around all of the packages that we have bought throughout the day, we simply just get them sent back to our room and then go and get them at the gift shop the next day. It is so easy and convenient. Just make sure you keep all the receipts for your purchases!

7. Option to Use the Dining Plan- We love the Dining Plan, it almost makes our trip seem all inclusive. We don't have a whole lot left to pay for when we get there. I love all the restaurants at WDW, it is half the fun of going. They have some of the best theming in the world and the dining plan helps make them more convenient and more affordable.

Lastly, while all of these things are absolutely fabulous to have, the BEST part of staying on property is harder to explain. It is the magic factor! When you stay on Disney property, great service is the norm and expected! You get treated incredibly! Also, it is like you get to escape the real world and be in the Disney bubble for awhile. I just love it! I can't say it enough, stay on property to really feel the Disney magic!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to Basics: Picking Your Tickets

Picking what kind of tickets you want can be a daunting task to a first time visitor of Walt Disney World, it can even be difficult for people who have visited plenty of times in the past!

So what kind of tickets do you need/want?

There are the Park Hopper Tickets, No Expiration Option and Water Park and More options.

What does Park Hopper mean? Park Hopper means that you will be allowed to visit more than one park per day, you can visit all the theme parks per day if you wish! I believe there was a day one one vacation where we did see all four parks in one day. Having park hoppers is great when you want to eat breakfast in the Magic Kingdom, spend the afternoon there and then see Fantasmic in Disney's Hollywood Studios later that night! I never go without getting the park hopper. Some people would say that if it is your first trip, hopping parks can get exhausting, especially if you are going full force and want to see everything. I would disagree, I always recommend getting the park hopper. You just never know when you will want to return to a different park during the day.

The No Expiration Option: I think that the No Expiration option could save you the most money in the long-run. All other Disney tickets will expire 14 days after the first days use but if you get the no expiration option, they will NEVER expire and you can return to Disney World whenever you want and use the same tickets! If you are planning to EVER return to Disney than this may be the best option for you!

The Water Park and More Option allows for you to not only enter all four theme parks but you can also go to the water parks and DisneyQuest as well as Disney's Wide World of Sports. If you plan to go to one of the Water Parks, then this is the option for you. If you are going to skip the water parks, then you can skip this add-on as well.

This can be a little confusing and overwhelming but of course, if you have any questions you can always ask you travel agent!

Contact me!
twitter: DisneyTripExp
Facebook: Krystin Turner- Free Disney Vacation Planning Professional

Also you should know how many days you want on your tickets, if you are going to be in Disney for 4 nights 5 days you can either get a 4 day or 5 day ticket. If we are going to be there 4 days and 5 nights, I would usually get a 4 day pass because on the 5 day we are leaving for the airport and we don't usually go to the parks. But we can always go to Downtown Disney and take a swim in the pool. We can always find something to do without a park ticket. The more days you get on your ticket the cheaper the per day rate is.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Going to Disney with a Scaredy Cat!

Just me and my husband have been to Disney several times and anyone who knows him wonders how I do. He is a big scaredy cat! What do I mean by that? He doesn't do heights, he doesn't do upside down and doesn't really do fast either. So that means no Tower of Terror, no Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (my favorite), no Space Mountain, no way for Expedition Everest, none of the good stuff! Remember my post about being pregnant at Disney? He rides just about the same thing a pregnant woman can!

So what do we do?

First I tried the begging, I tried the pushing, the bribing of trying to get him on things but unfortunately none of that worked. What has worked best for him is setting a goal for every trip.One trip, he made a goal to first conquer Splash Mountain and he achieved it! Now we ride it every trip multiple times and it is his favorite ride. His goal on the next trip was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, he tried it and loved it too! He can't wait to try it next with our little girl and boy. His latest goal is Space Mountain! I think he will enjoy it! This has worked out well for us, every trip he rides something and loves it! Will we ever get to Tower of Terror? Probably not, I think that may be his biggest fear, but I sure hope he will try it one day!

If your scaredy cat is so scared that there is NO CHANCE they will even set goals or try any rides, no worries, you will still have a blast at Disney. If I want to ride something extreme that my husband won't I will try and get a FAST PASS for him and then just go through the FAST PASS line while he enjoys the gift shop or a yummy Disney treat. That usually helps make sure he doesn't have to wait long and I don't mind going alone. Plus, there are plenty of things he does ride that we get to enjoy together and with our kids, when we get to take them!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doing Disney While Pregnant?

I have traveled to Disney in a number of different fashions. First as a small child, as a teen, as a young adult, as a mom, as a honeymooner and 8.5 months pregnant!

I would have to say that traveling to Disney while pregnant was the most interesting. If you are considering it, I would definitely say to go for it. (I would never suggest you don't go to Disney) :) But there are some things to consider.

First of all make sure that you have comfortable shoes! I wore my tennis shoes and my feet still HURT and they swelled up when they hadn't even showed signs of swelling yet. Disney's heat is what made my swelling begin, it never stopped from there and I could no longer wear my rings after the trip. Don't just stop at comfortable shoes! Make sure you take plenty of comfortable clothes too!

Also, make sure to drink lots of water! This is a no-brainer. You're pregnant and you need water. It is hot in Florida and you need more water. Stay hydrated!

Don't try to do it all and TAKE BREAKS! You will hear from people when you tell them that you are going to Disney while pregnant that you "won't be able to ride anything!" This is not true. There is still plenty to enjoy in the world! With that being said, make sure you check all the restrictions of the rides before riding. But of course there is still plenty to do! When we went we did a lot of shows and other things that we had never done before even after all the trips that we had to Disney. Take a little dip in the pool or explore the water parks! Slow down and enjoy your trip! Before long you will be pushing a stroller at Disney!

Most importantly make sure to talk to your Doctor before going! It is important that they approve your trip.

It is also important to note that if you are planning a Disney Cruise, you will not be allowed to cruise after your 24th week. You will still need a note from your healthcare provider before sailing before your 24th week. If you are able to take a Disney cruise while pregnant, DO IT! They are so relaxing and I can't think of a better way to pamper yourself while pregnant!

Overall, a Disney World trip while pregnant is just as great as any other Disney trip!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When to go to Disney?

I thought a good way to start of this blog would be with a post suggesting the best time of year to go to Disney. This is a very common question among people who are planning a trip to Walt Disney World

The best time of year to go to Disney relies on a couple of things.The factors you should consider: you probably want to go with crowds are light, when the weather isn't torturing and maybe the most important, when it is the cheapest.

It is not secret that going in the summer time means the opposite of all the factors, it will be crowded, it will be hot and it is the most expensive time to go. But for some people this is the only time that they can go. Like me for example, because Ky is a teacher and I substitute teach, we can't just take off during the Fall for a Disney vacation. This is also true for those vacationers with children of school age, they don't really want to take their kids out of school for their vacation. (Although some do) So our only option is to go during the summer months. It's okay though, I would rather go then than not at all. There is also a plus to going during these times, everything is usually open! There aren't a lot of rehabs going on, the parks are open for as long as possible to make sure that you are getting to see everything. Plus they add more showtimes for certain shows. So if summer is the only time you can go, it is not the end of the world!

If you have the luxury of being able to go to Disney anytime that you want, then there are a lot of options for you! The absolute best time to go is always said to be January and February. All the kids have went back to school making the crowds as low as they are all year. This makes the lines for all the rides very little or even nonexistent in some cases. I can't even imagine! The weather is also perfect, its not too hot and not too warm. Plus, it gets you away from the torture that is Missouri in January and February. Perhaps the best part about traveling at this time is the fact that this also when the resorts are at their cheapest rates.

Personally, a time that we loved visiting Walt Disney World was during the fall. It is the only time that I have visited that wasn't in the heat of the summer. It was a wonderful time to visit, we got to experience Epcot's Food and Wine Festival which was AMAZING! Plus, we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party which was a great event. The crowds were moderate and the weather was beautiful. If you can go in the fall I would recommend it!

A dream of mine is to go to Disney when it is decorated for the holidays. Although I wouldn't want to be there during the actual week of Christmas, this is the busiest time of year at Walt Disney World! I saw a post last week that said that the line for Soarin' was 240 minutes! WOW! I don't think I want to waste 4 hours of my precious vacation time in line! (Although I do love Soarin')

It is also important to note that Disney rates their prices according to "seasons." There is the "value" season which is when crowds are the smaller, this is obviously the cheapest prices. This is also when the "free dining" promotion is more commonly offered. The value season is followed by regular season, summer season, peak season and holiday. Basically if you are hoping to avoid major crowds a good rule of thumb is to stay away in the traditional times that children are out of school for any kind of break.

Overall, the best answer to "when to go to Disney?" is whenever you can! Whatever works best for your family! You can't go wrong with a Disney vacation!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

This is my first blog post!

Hello and welcome to my Disney blog! I will be posting travel tips, travel news as well as general Disney news and rambling that I find interesting. This blog is a must follow for any Disney fan!!!