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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to Basics: Why to stay on property!

I have never stayed off Walt Disney World property when I have visited Walt Disney World and unless something crazy happened, I would never take a trip and plan to stay outside of the Walt Disney World Resort. Many people ask me why I wouldn't stay off property and I am here to tell you why!

1. Access to Extra Magic Hours-Everyday the one theme park stays open a couple extra hours and this is limited to only WDW resort guests! It is a lot less crowded during these hours and you can knock a lot of stuff off your list! Remember that you have to show your resort key at every attraction in order to ride! Be sure to check the resort calendar upon arrival to get the exact schedule of which parks will be hosting extra hours each day.

2. Disney's Magical Express- This is a free shuttle service to and from the airport to your Walt Disney World resort. It is quick and convenient and they take care of your luggage. It doesn't get much better than that!

3. Unlimited access to all transportation at the Walt Disney World resort. This includes boats, monorails and busses. I think this is the biggest perk. We don't rent a car and we never leave Disney property, we let Disney do all the work for us. You can get anywhere in the "world" for free!

4. FREE parking at all of the Disney theme parks.

5. Charging privileges- you can connect your debit and credit card to your "key to the world" card and then you can charge anywhere in the "world" to your room key.

6. Package Delivery- I LOOOOVE THIS! We don't have to carry around all of the packages that we have bought throughout the day, we simply just get them sent back to our room and then go and get them at the gift shop the next day. It is so easy and convenient. Just make sure you keep all the receipts for your purchases!

7. Option to Use the Dining Plan- We love the Dining Plan, it almost makes our trip seem all inclusive. We don't have a whole lot left to pay for when we get there. I love all the restaurants at WDW, it is half the fun of going. They have some of the best theming in the world and the dining plan helps make them more convenient and more affordable.

Lastly, while all of these things are absolutely fabulous to have, the BEST part of staying on property is harder to explain. It is the magic factor! When you stay on Disney property, great service is the norm and expected! You get treated incredibly! Also, it is like you get to escape the real world and be in the Disney bubble for awhile. I just love it! I can't say it enough, stay on property to really feel the Disney magic!

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