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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney's Royal Guest Rooms

If you have a princess in the family (I know that we sure do!) then Disney has a new room design for you! The Royal Rooms are in Disney's Port Orleans-Riverside resort therefore they are in the "moderate" category. Although they are in the moderate category, you will be paying a little more for these rooms than the average room at Disney Port Orleans resort.

The rooms will be available in May of 2012 and there will eventually be 512 rooms like these. You can already book these rooms today!

As usual for Disney, there is a story behind these resorts. It starts with Princess Tiana who stayed in these rooms and invited her royal friends for a little vacation getaway. The story says that each princess left behind a little something of theirs for princesses of all ages to enjoy.

Jazmine gives up two of her prized possessions in the room, first you will find her magic carpet in the carpet and the sink faucets are the magical gold genie lamp.

Cinderella left her gift of a golden coat rack complete with her pumpkin carriage.

Don't forget about Belle! She left her enchanted footstool as a beautiful gift to the room.

If you are looking for Ariel's keepsake in the room, look no further than the bathroom! She has left her "whozits" and "whazits" from her collection on the shower curtain in the room. You will find her fork and starfish.

Tiana wants every princess to understand every gift in the room so she left a note explaining every detail and welcoming the little princesses!

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