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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Going to Disney with a Scaredy Cat!

Just me and my husband have been to Disney several times and anyone who knows him wonders how I do. He is a big scaredy cat! What do I mean by that? He doesn't do heights, he doesn't do upside down and doesn't really do fast either. So that means no Tower of Terror, no Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (my favorite), no Space Mountain, no way for Expedition Everest, none of the good stuff! Remember my post about being pregnant at Disney? He rides just about the same thing a pregnant woman can!

So what do we do?

First I tried the begging, I tried the pushing, the bribing of trying to get him on things but unfortunately none of that worked. What has worked best for him is setting a goal for every trip.One trip, he made a goal to first conquer Splash Mountain and he achieved it! Now we ride it every trip multiple times and it is his favorite ride. His goal on the next trip was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, he tried it and loved it too! He can't wait to try it next with our little girl and boy. His latest goal is Space Mountain! I think he will enjoy it! This has worked out well for us, every trip he rides something and loves it! Will we ever get to Tower of Terror? Probably not, I think that may be his biggest fear, but I sure hope he will try it one day!

If your scaredy cat is so scared that there is NO CHANCE they will even set goals or try any rides, no worries, you will still have a blast at Disney. If I want to ride something extreme that my husband won't I will try and get a FAST PASS for him and then just go through the FAST PASS line while he enjoys the gift shop or a yummy Disney treat. That usually helps make sure he doesn't have to wait long and I don't mind going alone. Plus, there are plenty of things he does ride that we get to enjoy together and with our kids, when we get to take them!

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