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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When to go to Disney?

I thought a good way to start of this blog would be with a post suggesting the best time of year to go to Disney. This is a very common question among people who are planning a trip to Walt Disney World

The best time of year to go to Disney relies on a couple of things.The factors you should consider: you probably want to go with crowds are light, when the weather isn't torturing and maybe the most important, when it is the cheapest.

It is not secret that going in the summer time means the opposite of all the factors, it will be crowded, it will be hot and it is the most expensive time to go. But for some people this is the only time that they can go. Like me for example, because Ky is a teacher and I substitute teach, we can't just take off during the Fall for a Disney vacation. This is also true for those vacationers with children of school age, they don't really want to take their kids out of school for their vacation. (Although some do) So our only option is to go during the summer months. It's okay though, I would rather go then than not at all. There is also a plus to going during these times, everything is usually open! There aren't a lot of rehabs going on, the parks are open for as long as possible to make sure that you are getting to see everything. Plus they add more showtimes for certain shows. So if summer is the only time you can go, it is not the end of the world!

If you have the luxury of being able to go to Disney anytime that you want, then there are a lot of options for you! The absolute best time to go is always said to be January and February. All the kids have went back to school making the crowds as low as they are all year. This makes the lines for all the rides very little or even nonexistent in some cases. I can't even imagine! The weather is also perfect, its not too hot and not too warm. Plus, it gets you away from the torture that is Missouri in January and February. Perhaps the best part about traveling at this time is the fact that this also when the resorts are at their cheapest rates.

Personally, a time that we loved visiting Walt Disney World was during the fall. It is the only time that I have visited that wasn't in the heat of the summer. It was a wonderful time to visit, we got to experience Epcot's Food and Wine Festival which was AMAZING! Plus, we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party which was a great event. The crowds were moderate and the weather was beautiful. If you can go in the fall I would recommend it!

A dream of mine is to go to Disney when it is decorated for the holidays. Although I wouldn't want to be there during the actual week of Christmas, this is the busiest time of year at Walt Disney World! I saw a post last week that said that the line for Soarin' was 240 minutes! WOW! I don't think I want to waste 4 hours of my precious vacation time in line! (Although I do love Soarin')

It is also important to note that Disney rates their prices according to "seasons." There is the "value" season which is when crowds are the smaller, this is obviously the cheapest prices. This is also when the "free dining" promotion is more commonly offered. The value season is followed by regular season, summer season, peak season and holiday. Basically if you are hoping to avoid major crowds a good rule of thumb is to stay away in the traditional times that children are out of school for any kind of break.

Overall, the best answer to "when to go to Disney?" is whenever you can! Whatever works best for your family! You can't go wrong with a Disney vacation!

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