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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Reason to Love Southwest!

Someone told me that you could apply for a Southwest credit card and once you were approved, and make your first purchase that you get TWO FREE FLIGHTS. Of course I was skeptical. I thought "what is the catch?" I am also one of those people who don't like to open up credit cards or charge anything to them. But if it is for FREE FLIGHTS, you may be on to something! So I looked into it! I Googled Southwest credit card and came across the  Southwest Credit Card Website  and found it! After I read the fine print I saw that there is an annual fee for the card. The annual fee is $99. And like I said earlier, you have to make a purchase first but that can be the smallest thing, as small as a pack of gum and then you get the reward points applied to your account so that you can book your flight. Please be warned that this process can take a little while. You apply online and you can get instantly approved or it can take week or  so for approval and then it can take up to another week to get the card. Once you get the card make the first purchase IMMEDIATELY and then pay it of AS SOON as it shows up on your online credit card account. Don't wait for the first statement. This will help the points be applied to your first statement. If you have a lot of time then this won't be a problem but we were short on time before our trip so we wanted to get it done ASAP before our flights were sold out or the price went up. The 50,000 points that you get after your first purchase cover $800 in real flight dollars and they are the WANNA GET AWAY prices when you look at, so if your flights are coming out really high (over $200 each way) you may end up having to pay a little. You will also have to pay a $5 fee for a Security Fee.

Also, every year on your card's "anniversary" you will get an extra 6,000 in points!

Another FYI: There are TWO different offers that Southwest has. They are almost always offering the ONE FREE Flight promotion, but they aren't always offering the TWO FREE FLIGHTS option.  The ONE FREE FLIGHT option is just as good and only has a $69 annual fee.

Overall, I love Southwest. They are usually one of the only airlines that offers nonstop flights to Orlando from Kansas City and they are always the cheapest, especially since they have no bag fees. This is just icing on the cake. We used this promotion on our trip in May and got two free flights so we only had to pay for one. You can't beat that, especially when our flights were going to be so expensive that we were considering driving!

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