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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Changes to Disney's FASTPASS

I thought I would jump on the Disney rumor bandwagon and discuss the changes to Disney's FASTPASS.

This can get some people very worked up over the changes but I can see both sides of the argument.

First of all it is official, no longer a rumor, that Disney's FASTPASS return times will now be enforced starting on March 7th. Cast Members have been told that they must check the return times on the FASTPASS. In the past if you got a FASTPASS for 10:05-11:05, you were able use the FASTPASS anytime after 10:05, it didn't matter it was 7:05 that night, as long as it was after 10:05 you could use the FASTPASS. Starting March 7th, you will be required to come back in that hour, give our take 15 minutes or so. I don't like this at all, we frequently returned to use our FASTPASS after the hour window. There are many ways that we could get delayed in touring, especially with our small children. Although I don't like it, I believe it is something that I can live with. My question is, what will happen if the ride is down during your scheduled FASTPASS time? I am assuming you will probably get another FASTPASS that can be used for the rest of the day or something.

The crazy unknown rumor is the xPass. The xPass is said to be the reason for the change in enforcing return times. Not to make the FASTPASS more efficient or used the "way it was intended to be" like people think. It is all in preparation for their xPass which is another way to make some money! I can't complain about them adding something to ticket options, this only makes things more confusing for the average visitor which makes them more likely to hire a Disney Travel Specialist who knows what they are doing. So what is the xPass? We aren't really exactly sure yet. It is rumored to be a program where you will be able to plan out your FASTPASS and show times before you leave home. Time will tell how I feel about this but for now I think it will become too much of a scheduled vacation. I think it is sometimes hard to work around dining reservations and to have to work around FASTPASS times will just make the vacation too "scheduled" which then becomes a hassle rather than a vacation.

I have faith in Disney, I think that they will do this the right way and I will end up liking the changes, only time will tell.

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