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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Disney Stroller Rental

Disney stroller rental is EXPENSIVE! Especially for double strollers. We usually bring our own but some people like the convenience of using Disney's strollers or having an outside company deliver the stroller right to your resort! 

Strollers are available for rent at a variety of locations throughout Disney Theme Parks, Water Parks, and the Downtown Disney® Area. Quantities are limited, and subject to availability. Double-passenger strollers are not available for rent at the Downtown Disney® Area.

The stroller rental fee is $15.00 per day for a single-passenger stroller and $31.00 per day for a double-passenger stroller. A $100 credit card deposit is required per stroller rented at the Downtown Disney® Area. The rented stroller must be returned to the original rental location to receive a credit card deposit refund.

For Guests who require a stroller rental for multiple days, we offer a Length of Stay rental ticket where you make a one-time payment transaction for as many days of rental that you will need. Single-passenger strollers are available for $13.00 per day and double-passenger strollers for $27.00 per day. Upon visiting a Theme Park, simply show your receipt at the stroller rental location and you will be expedited through the queue with little or no wait time.

There are many other options around the Walt Disney World area for stroller rental. They deliver the strollers directly to your hotel. They are usually cheaper than renting from Disney. Here are a couple:

Magic Strollers
Orlando Stroller Rentals
A Baby's Best Friend


  1. Yes, You're right! I even rented strollers every time I spend my vacation in Disney with my kids. It's more practical renting strollers than bringing one.

  2. Bringing your own stroller is a big hassle. I prefer renting strollers outside Disney. They are more comfy, less expensive and you can bring them into your hotel.

  3. Disney strollers are uncomfortable and don't recline. They are a little expensive too.

  4. I prefer renting outside Disney coz you can bring them anywhere. It's not only limited to Disney. We can bring it when shopping and strolling around Orlando too.

  5. I have this Stroller in Disney too! Thanks for posting its features.