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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tips for Getting A Disney Pin Code

If you haven't heard of a Disney pin code, then you are missing out! Disney pin codes are personalized codes that Disney sends out to a random number of people offering a discount. They are amazing and they offer the biggest discounts available to Disney. They are offered both through US Mail and through e-mail. These discounts aren't available for everyone, just specifically to the person. They are not shareable and are for you only. They usually have a time restriction as well as a resort restriction telling you where you have to stay in order to get the discount.

So how do you get them? No one knows the real answer, it seems to be a random pick. But luckily there are some ways that seem to help increase the volume.

1. Go and sign up for the Disney Vacation Planning Free DVD. This helps get your name in the pot and let's Disney know that you are considering planning a vacation. Plus, it is fun to watch! Klarabelle and I sat and watched it the other day while I told her everything that she would be seeing. I actually ordered 3 and sent one to my mom and dads and my in-laws, in my name. I am hoping this would increase my chances. 
2. Create an online account on or You can create multiple accounts here as well. Just use different e-mails. Log in and play around with vacations, quote some and save some vacations. If you close out of the window and it asks you why you decided not to book then you should put that the price was too high. 
3. Call Disney and get some quotes as well. My feeling is that if you are close to booking and haven't Disney sees that as a reason to send you a PIN code so that the discount will push you over the edge to go ahead and book. 
4. Register for every Disney site, create an account at the PHOTOPASS website, inquire about the Disney Visa, sign up for Disney Movie Club, look in to the Disney Vacation Club and those kind of things. Find as many ways to get your name in the Disney database as possible. 

I used to get PIN codes all the time, but I haven't got one in about a year. It seems that if you aren't going you don't get one. I haven't been to Disney in a year and a half so I am thinking that is what is preventing me from getting one. It seems I only get them when I don't need them! We have only used one of our pin codes that we received in the past. I am sure I will get one right after we get back when I don't need it!

If you do get a PIN code, just call your travel agent (ME!) and have it applied to your account. Be sure you check your SPAM mailbox as well. Even if you have already booked then I can still apply the code to your account and your balance will be reduced. If you have paid in full you will receive a refund. 


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  1. Have never heard of a pin code before. Thanks for the info! I'll start signing up!