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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disney Mobile Magic App Review

Thanks to my friend Zach from I became aware that the Disney Mobile Magic App was now available for the iPhone. It has been out for awhile but only available for droid users.

I really love this app! I am not a huge "techy" so I won't get into the technicalities of the app because frankly I know nothing about it. All I know is that it is a a great app that is really helpful and fun! It has did an amazing job getting me and my daughter excited about our upcoming trip! And it is also FREE so I can't really complain!

I am definitely going to tell all of my clients who have smart phones to download the Disney Mobile Magic App.

The first thing that you do on the Disney Mobile Magic App is choose your U.S. Disney theme park. I chose Walt Disney World.
 Then you come to this screen where you can pick your park, entertainment area or your resort. I went ahead and clicked on Epcot. As you can see it has the park hours. I love this feature because if I am in Epcot and we are thinking of going to Downtown Disney later in the day I can find out what time they close so easily.

This is what comes up when you click on a park. You can see that it has today's events with a schedule. I LOVE THIS! This way you can find out what time things are and they are the palm of your hand. I love that the Magic Kingdom schedule has things like when the Main Street Saxophone Four perform and when Push, the Talking Trash can makes an appearance. It also tells when the Casey Corner Pianist is scheduled to show up. So cool! If you click on the "Today's Events" you can set reminders to be reminded about upcoming things!

If you click on the Map, you get a map of the park that you can scroll around and then you can click list to get a list of the attractions. If you click on a specific attraction then you will get a description about the attraction  This is another absolute favorite feature of this app because it shows the wait times! I have had other wait time apps before but not one that was directly tied to Disney. When you are at home the app will just tell you "Wait: See Now" or "Wait: Moderate" or "Wait: High Demand" but when the GPS on your phone detects that you are in the park the wait times will be more specific. It also tells you if the FASTPASS is available. If you click favorite on an attraction, then you can go back to the home screen and click favorites and then you will have a list of the ones that you clicked.
Going back to the Epcot home screen you will see the Character button on the bottom. Did I say how much I love the Disney Mobile Magic App? You just click on "Today's Character Greetings" to discover the schedule for character appearances, you can also click on which character set you are specifically looking for.
Mickey Mouse was at the Epcot Character Spot all day yesterday from 9ish to 9:30 p.m.
 Then I decided to click on my resort for our upcoming trip which is Disney's Yacht Club Resort. It has a resort map as well as Recreation for the resort. If you click on recreation it will tell you the hours of each thing at your resort. It tells me how long the pools are open and everything about the excursions available.

 At both the parks sections as well as the resorts section there is a dining tab at the bottom. This is another useful feature. You can browse the restaurants in the specific park or resort that you are looking at or hit the "Walt Disney World Dining Guide" to do a more extensive search. You can also search and make reservations from here. This is great for those last minute people who do not wish to make reservations because then they are able to look and search while they are in the park to discover what is currently available. This is so beneficial! I can stress enough how much convenience the Mobile Magic app gives you at your fingertips!

The last feature of the Disney Mobile Magic App is the More Section. This is the list of what it has.

 The weather obviously gives you the weather for the day, you can scroll through the days for up to 5 days.

The shopping part of the more screen tells you what shops are available in the park or resort complete with hours and descriptions. You can also click map to show you where the shop is on a map.

If you click on games you can play the Disney Parks Trivia Game which I thought is a lot of fun! You actually get to see a rank to see where you are at compared to others playing the game. This would be a perfect way to waste time while you are in the lines.

 Transportation helps tell you the best way to get where you are going.

The Guest Services tab is fantastic, you can find information about lost and found, where there is an ATM and just about anything helpful thing you need.
This may be my only complaint about the Disney Mobile Magic App, I wished that I could put in my resort confirmation number as well as all my dining confirmation numbers and get some sort of itinerary. You can't really do that here. You just put in your dates and resort.

Overall, if you can't tell I am in love with the Disney Mobile Magic App for the iPhone! I think it is very easy to use. It is a lot easier than pulling out a park map. It is like a guide book at your fingertips, except less bulky and better organized.

If you are planning on going on a Walt Disney World vacation, you MUST get this app and play around. The possibilities are endless!

Krystin Turner-Disney Trip Expert 

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