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Monday, April 30, 2012

Best Bag to take to Walt Disney World

Being sure to take a good bag throughout the Walt Disney World parks is very important. A lot of people ask me the best bag to take or what bag I use so I decided to share with you guys.

There are a couple features that I think are very important to the bag that you choose to take to Walt Disney World.

First of all I think it should be a hands-free bag. What I mean by this is it shouldn't be something that hangs on your shoulder, it should be a cross-body bag or a back pack of some sort so that you don't have to support it with your arm.

Take a look at my bag, this is an older Vera Bradley drawstring bag. They don't make this exact style any more but they make something similar.

One thing that I love about my bag is the pouch in front, I believe this is another essential for your park bag. This is where I keep my Key to the World card (park tickets, room key.) You need that card all the time, you need it to get in the park, you need it to eat and you need it to get in your room so I don't like to have to dig around for it. It is right here in the front pouch and easy to get to. I also keep my PhotoPass card here so it is nice and handy to get to.

Here is the bag that is similar to this one that Vera Bradley currently carries. I have had my bag for awhile, it has been through many Disney trips! Another great note is that I have always been able to take this on every Disney ride!

Another really popular bag for the Disney park is the Baggalini messenger, it is hands-free, it has a front pocket and is waterproof. It comes in all kind of colors as well.

Another good feature would be to be waterproof for the rain and all of the water rides. Mine isn't waterproof but I think that would be a good idea.

Now you know what kind of bag I think you should take to the park, what bag do you prefer?

Krystin Turner
Disney Trip Expert


  1. Hi Krystin! I'm visiting from Sassy Sites and am thrilled I found you there. I'm your newest "like" on Facebook. We love DisneyWorld!! In fact, we're leaving for there in 3 weeks! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  2. Hi! Just heard about your service. AWE-SOME! I liked you on Facebook. Hoping for a Disney vaycay this summer!

  3. Terri-Thanks so much! Have a great trip!

    LIvin La Vida-Be sure to contact me to help you book your trip! My services are 100% FREE!!! Email

  4. Hello Krystin,

    I learned of your friendly and helpful site from the Sullengers blog. Although I am a Floridian born and raised about 30 mins. from Orlando, there is still a lot I do/did not know about the wonderful Disney theme parks. ;)For example the pin codes?!? Who knew. My family recently relocated to NC (no family here) several months after activating our season passes (boo), we only got to use them maybe six times. We're planning our first big family trip back to FL this summer and plan to go to Disney. Thank you for such a great service and I'll definitely be spreading your info. to family and friends. ;) Take care.

  5. I like to make friends with you,haha.

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  6. Other than your Key to the World card and photopass (in the front pocket), what else did you pack and keep in your bag. I'd love to know what worked best to keep in your bag and the fact that you could keep it with you on all of the rides. Did you wear it on the rides or keep it in your lap? Thanks!