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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Disney Memories

For my Facebook Disney Gift Card Giveaway I asked people their favorite Disney memories!

I absolutely loved the responses that I got. It was great to see everyone relive their favorite Disney memories!

Congrats to the winner Jessica Medina Vasquez for winning the Disney Gift Card and as always we will do one for every 200 fans I get and I will have an even bigger giveaway if we reach 1,000!

I decided to post some of them on my blog!

Tiandra Janea Williams My favorite memory is when I went to Disney world when I was a kid I remember when they had there parade r whatever a Disney character pull me out there & dance n I didn't dance cuz I was to shy & tooo many people!! I love it

Lacy J Noble We are very first Disney trip ever. Im hoping for it to be very magical and a trip of a lifetime!!! Thanks so much Krystin for helping us plan our trip!

Aubrey Turley The "it's a small world" ride broke and we went through the whole thing 3 times. Mark still hates that song!

Kerry Feuling My last "family vacation" before we all moved out on our own after college.

Lindsay Bally Bernard My parents taking me to Disney World when i was 7. I made a new friend, Ruby from Hawaii. We wrote back & forth for years. Cant wait to take Mae next month!!!!

Kay Gibson Seeing the castle at Magic Kingdom for the very first time as a 20 year old (never got to go as a kid) Or sitting on the curb watching Spectromagic in front of all the amazing shops along Main Street! :) I just love love love the atmosphere!

Heather Zahner Going to Disney for the first time and seeing all the princesses and getting their autographs :) Or when I went a few years ago and my dad said loudly "Look Heather! Its Winnie the pooh!" I turn to look and its just a big lady in a orange shirt

Stephanie France When my mom took my sister and I when we were little and we got to see and experience so much. My mom was having a rough time and was in need of a vacation so we met our cousins in Orlando and we all went to Disney World for a week. I think she enjoyed seeing the looks on our faces more than anything else.

Kendra Popp Charbula My favorite Disney Memory was my lil girls 3rd birthday -which was November 4th - she wanted Minnie Mouse, so I went all out on decorations, food, and gifts. The excitement of her big day and all the compliments I got for all the hard work was and will forever be the most wonderful memories of all!!

Lisa Horafus Kaiser My favorite Disney memory is the first time I took my boys... I have been to Disney over 10 times but to seeing your kids have all the joy and excitement for the 1st time was truly amazing! My son broke his leg before we went and we went to the dance party at Hollywood studios and Goofy all night came and danced with him in his wheelchair!

Stephanie Keime my favorite memory is when i was when i got free tickets for a day to disney world because my husband was away at desert storm and we got to go right before Christmas and actually stay at the Grand Floridian where they had giant gingerbread houses BUT i went on a bus by myself with my 5 SONS AGES 2 MONTHS, AND 2, 5, 7,10 YEARS OLD. especially when we stayed allllllll day and then i had to carry the sleeping 2 years old while the 10 years old carried the 2 month old. haha should i go on? totally worth it for disney though.

Beth Wright Cobb My favorite Disney memory was in September 2008. We had just gone through the most difficult summer of our lives culminating in brain surgery for my then 4 year old son. 6 weeks post surgery, we decided to spend a long weekend at Disney thanks to free Night of Joy tickets that I won from a local radio station. We decided to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge to "splurge" because we really needed to relax. We had a wonderful weekend thanks to all the Disney magic

Emily Richardson My favorite Disney memory has yet to will most definitely be seeing the look on my daughter's face the first time she steps foot in Disney World!!!! :-D

Sarah Talkington My favorite Disney memory was going when I was 5. I couldn't go with all my cousins & grandparents the month before because my mom was in the hospital having my brother so my grandparents took me a month later. In between that time I broke my ankle & had to be in a cast. Captain Hook signed it and made a big deal out of it- still have the cast! :) thanks for a great giveaway!

Meghan Barbosa I have too many wonderful memories to list. Each time I visited WDW it was amazing ♥ One of my all time favorites was going with my husband (then boyfriend) who'd never been. And watching his face light up in awe!! It just reminded me how magical it all is! I can't wait for us to bring our 2 children this year!!

Deborah Sherard Favorite memory was taking my granddaughter to Disney last winter. She was 9, the perfect age to see all the princesses. Wish we had had more time.

You can check out the rest on my Facebook page at

I truly loved reading all of them and I hope you did too!

Krystin Turner
Disney Trip Expert

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