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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My favorite FREE Souvenir at Walt Disney World

There aren't a whole lot of things just given away at Walt Disney World but there is one souvenir that is free that I just can't get enough of!

If you have never been to the Magic of Disney Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios then you are missing out! Actually, I was missing out until my cousin Angie went in 2009 and told me about it. I don't know how I missed this place in all of my trips but somehow I did.

The Magic of Disney Animation starts with a tour of what was once the animation studio in Florida before they consolidated into one in Anaheim. They also have a showing of a character from Mulan. This is interesting but not really what I call the "fun part" the best part is what comes next.
After the tour you can do the optional sketch of a Disney character hosted by an actual Disney animator.
This is the best part! The animator usually asks the guests in the room who they have drawn before (if they have taken the class before.) They are hoping to draw something that is new to the whole class.

This is a 15 minute show with limited capacity but have never had to wait for more than one show to finish and we have often been able to go back to back and repeat it.

A lot of people think that they can't draw, and let me tell you I am not artist myself but they make it so easy to draw these characters and break it down step by step for you and make an artist out of even the most artistically challenged. Plus you get a nice, relaxing retreat from the heat.

I will also say that it can be a little difficult to do this with small children. Klarabelle (2) will probably have fun for a little bit but I think Kyber (10 months) will be a handful during it. But I will still give it a shot. Remember this is a FREE and FUN souvenir to take home from Walt Disney World!

Now to share our drawings and experiences with you!

We went on a "babymoon" to Walt Disney World when I was big and pregnant with Klarabelle (we went in late July and I was due October 1st) So we did Walt Disney World a little differently than usual, lots of rest and we experienced lots of things that I have never experienced before. We did more shows than usual, just about anything to keep me off my feed. So we did the Magic of Disney animation a lot. We decided to do something extra with our free souvenir. We picked the best of each of the drawings we did and I put them in a frame with some Disney scrap book stuff, after all this was Klarabelle's actual first trip! We didn't find out the gender of both kids so it fit either way. We put it in her nursery and it is still in her room today!

We also got this in the gift shop after we finished the class. This was drawn by a Disney animator and they obviously do an awesome job! We really like The Laugh Factory in the Magic Kingdom so we got Sully in honor of that. This is in Klarabelle's room.

If you have read my blog from the beginning you will know that Klarabelle shares her name with a classic Disney character, Clarabelle the Cow. We asked the animator in the gift shop to draw her but he refused. When we told the animator inside the Magic of Animation she told us to wait until her break and on her break she drew us this and personalized it to Klarabelle. It says "To: Klarabelle, may all of your dreams come true!" How awesome is that? Once again, FREE and this is my favorite souvenir that I have ever got in Disney. It is also hanging in Klarabelle's room!

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  1. We loved Animation.......this is definitely a hidden treasure at Disney! I would highly recommend for everyone to make time for this one!