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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alternatives to Disney Autograph Books and Homemade Disney Shirts-Follow Up Plus Disney Huggies Wipes

We leave for Walt Disney World on Thursday and I thought I would follow up with you all on what I actually got for an alternative to a autograph book as well as the homemade t-shirts that I made for my kiddos to wear on our trip!

Plus I found some super cute Hugggies wipes to take on my trip!

Here is the matte that I chose to have the characters autograph, I will also be taking my own Sharpie. I wanted to make sure it was big enough for lots of signatures and let them have enough room to work with because their furry hands make it a little difficult to write sometimes. I had a hard time choosing because I didn't want it to be too big and hard to carry around the parks. I will put a picture of our trip in it when its done. I know Klarabelle will love to be able to look at the signatures!

I also wanted to update you on the t-shirts that I made. It was so easy to make these so I highly recommend it to even the most non-crafty people who are heading to a Disney park!

Here are my supplies.

The finished product.

Also, an update on my countdown. I was informed that Home Depot discontinued the paint samples!!! :( I used these for SO much. I am really sad. I will have to find another way to make a countdown and I will be sure to update you all when I do.

Another great find I wanted to share with you all is these adorable Disney Huggies wipes that I came upon yesterday at Wal-Mart. I thought that they were so stinking cute! Of course I had to get some for our trip!


  1. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I recently saw someone posted about these mattes too for autographs - I think I'm going to do that when we go in Sept - sooo cute!

  3. Where are the disney images from? We leave Saturday! So excited!!!!

  4. They still carry the paint swatches at Wal-Mart