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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hey Disney! Are you listening?

I know that there is no way that some Disney executive is reading my little old blog but if they were I would have something to suggest to them! What would you say to someone who was making decisions in the Walt Disney Company?

Lately while I have been booking trips for others and for myself I have wished for one thing.

That one thing is a two table-service dining plan. I would like to see a Disney Dining Plan that is an in-between of the base dining package and the deluxe dining plan. I think that one table service meal is not enough while three table service meals is too much!

I am guessing there is probably a reason that they don't have this option and that reason is MONEY! If there is no middle option and you want more food, then you just have to upgrade even if you feel like it is too much food.

If you like the signature restaurants the deluxe dining plan is the only option for you. Over the years we have fallen in love with California Grill and Jiko so we usually do the deluxe dining plan but I think we could sacrifice one of those to save some money on one trip.

What do you all think? Would you like to see a two, table service dining plan?


  1. We are going the 1st week in Nov. HELP!

  2. completely agree - we just got back and ended up paying cash for 2 table service character breakfast meals because we had exhausted all of our table service meals under the standard dining plan. I knew this going into and we had decided we had wanted to go to the meals even if it meant paying additional out of pocket money. A 2 table service a day plan would be perfect. Hopefully someone at Disney is listening!! :)