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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Homemade Disney Shirts for Disney Trips

I am always looking for ways to get me more excited about my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, whether it be creating a Disney countdown or making an alternative to my autograph book. Another fun thing to do is to make Disney t-shirts for my kids to wear!

This is cheap, fun and easy! 

There are tons of different ways to do it but I will tell you how I do it.

You will need some iron-on t-shirt transfer paper like this as well as a printer full of ink! 

You will also need t-shirts in any color that you want.

Then of course you have to find something to put on the shirt. This is where I look to my friends on the for some inspiration.

I found this great link where there are TONS of different Mickey heads to put on the shirts, you are sure to find something that will first your favorite character, park or occasion. 

I haven't made mine for this trip yet but I will soon and I will definitely post the results on here! 

Klarabelle has picked out the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one and I picked out the Handy Mann one for Kyber!

Be sure to share your ideas/ t-shirt ideas here or on Facebook!

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