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Friday, June 22, 2012

Disney PINterest: Disney Pin Trading & and the PINhead Challenge.

This post has been all PINt inside's a piPINg hot one!

So you want to go to a Disney theme park. You'll experience the rides, food, shopping, and doing more walking in one day than the previous year- and then have to do it all over again the next four days!

One of the most popular activities are Disney pin trading and Disney pin collecting. There are stores solely dedicated to Disney pins- and you can find them by nearly every register. Close your eyes as the throngs of people pass by, and each time you open them you'll see a number of people wearing a lanyard stocked with more pins than a pincushion.

Why the fuss?They are relatively inexpensive. There are also countless designs, so they appeal to the masses. Even better, you can trade your pins with any Cast Member (i.e. Disney employee) in the theme parks! It's a great way to interact with the employees, and a fun activity. You and your children will always be on the lookout for the next great pin.

Well, I've decided to have a little fun with Disney pins. Clink the link to catch a piece of the action!

One of the best part about collecting pins is trading them. You can trade them all the time while you're in a Disney theme park.... outside of it, you have maybe the people who went on the trip with you (and I'm sure the supply will be limited... you can only trade the same Mickey pin for a Winnie the Pooh pin so many times).

It's not like the magic/game stores that you can go and trade Pokemon cards-there's no real competition with Disney pins, it's just the excitement of getting a new one. Or for some, it was a sports card collection. Here's your chance to redeem yourself for trading away Michael Jordan's rookie card.

So, I introduce to you- the PINhead challenge!

Here's what will take place.

This will be a reoccurring event that takes place for you, my readers. I will post a picture of a pin, and I would like for you to email/comment a picture of a pin you'd be willing to trade. I will give a couple of days for the emails and comments to come in, and then I will choose one. I'll contact you by email, at which point we'll set up the trade- I'll send you mine, and you'll send me yours.

One of the other things that I want to be a part of this challenge- I want to spotlight the people that I trade with. I'd like to share your favorite memory of Disney, favorite movies, recent or upcoming trips, any story about how you acquired the pin- these posts will be all about you!

And then, I'll start the process all over again, trading the pin I acquired to someone new, and we spotlight a new reader! This will be a fun interactive activity that I hope you'll participate in.

Just snap a quick picture of a pin on your phone, upload it to your computer, and send it my way-!

First up is the Disney Pin I'll be trading away.

It's a Disney Cruise Line Pin, featuring the new Disney Cruise Line ships that were recently added in 2011- the Dream, Magic, and Wonder (and could be your destination of your next vacation!). It features Tinkerbell, and "slides with a 3d effect." To me, it just bounces a bit.

They handed these pins out at the celebration of the new Disney Cruise Line ships.

So, here's your chance to get in the Disney pin trading action and the PINhead Challenge!

All that you need to do is snap a picture of the pin you'd like to trade, email it to me at a brief description would be nice as well. 

Let the pin trading begin!

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