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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Disney Vacation Club Resort Community Hall

It wasn't until the last hour of the last day of our trip that we discovered the wonderful Community Hall in Bay Lake Tower. I have never stayed at a DVC resort until Bay Lake Tower so I had never even heard of the Community Hall.
The Community Hall in SOME of the DVC properties is a great place where families can go and enjoy many activities. At Bay Lake Tower the room had many computers with all different kinds of video game stations. They also had a TV that was showing the Disney Channel and they frequently show Disney movies. The Cast Members at the hall were fantastic, one actually got on the floor with Klarabelle and Kyber and played with lots of the toys that the room provides. I can't stress to you how perfect the Cast Members at Bay Lake Tower's Community Hall were.

This place is such a great break away from the parks, when we were there the activity that they were doing was no-sew pillows. They had tons of Disney themed (and non-Disney themed) fabric to choose from and the Cast Members showed us how to make them. This isn't the only activity that you can do in the Community Hall, you can make jewelry, cool ceramic figurines, the craft possibilities are endless. Some of them come with a small costs and there are discounts for DVC members.

I can't believe it took us until our last day to figure these out, make sure if you are staying in one of the DVC resorts that have a Community Hall that you aren't missing out!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the Community Hall, I can't believe I never got my camera out. I think I was too excited and having too much fun.

DVC Properites that have Community Halls:
Bay Lake Tower
Boardwalk Villas
Hilton Head Resort
Old Key West Resort
Saratoga Springs
Animal Kingdom Villas
Vero Beach Resort

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