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Monday, June 4, 2012

Forget Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, These are a few of my favorite things-Caramel and Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats!

Why do you go to Disney?

 Some people go to Disney World because they have the cartoons, and want to see the characters.

 Some people go to Disney because they want to feel the magic, and to be a part of something that is so surreal... either to just be happy, or to take a break from the "real world."

 Some go to Disney for the rides. They are some of the best in the world- from the theming, technology & interaction, to the actual thrills.

 This post is not for you people. This post is for the people who go to Disney for the unique, savory, delicious, mouth watering, only-found-in-Disney-food. And to be specific-the Disney bakeries.

Some of this stuff is what dreams are made of. No, seriously. This item in particular is something I find myself dreaming about occasionally.

 There are a number of bakeries at Disney World- from the bakery and ice cream shop on Main Street, Goofy's Candy Shop, to the different bakeries from around the world in Epcot. Pick your poison- the outcome will be the same. You will walk to the counter, eyes bulged, stomach growling, and you will once again feel "like a kid in the candy store." As a matter of fact, if you didn't understand the meaning of that saying before, you certainly would after one visit.

From cinnamon roles the size of my head, cupcakes made of the finest chocolate, or cookies that are parallel in size to the Rocky Mountains, this is just food you won't be able to find anywhere else. However, while I enjoy the items listed above, there is one that is near and dear to my heart. And here she is, in all of her glory.

 Seriously, these rice crispy treats are about the size of a brick. What's so good about them? Well, they are just the right amount of gooey. Not too sticky, but very moist. The chocolate is sweet, and a perfect complement on the top. The caramel drizzled on top is like finding you are getting another $2000 back on your tax return- you knew you would get something back, but this puts it over the top.

Ever since we discovered the dining plan at Disney, we've always done the Deluxe. With the Deluxe, you get two snack credits a day. Snacks can be used for nearly any item at the bakeries, as well as drinks and other items throughout the park. However, I feel like I'm cheating myself every time I get an Aquafina when I could be getting one of these!

 Another reason I love these is that I can take them home. Being on the Deluxe, each of us get an appetizer, entree, and dessert. I often leave a meal feeling like Patrick below.

 I always put them in my suitcase (they are stored in plastic containers), and have a delicious treat from Disney waiting for me when I get home (ok, this past trip, it was four delicious treats... one is never enough!).

 However, there has been turmoil in the rice crispy treats found at Disney World. You used to be able to find treats that looked similar to these in nearly every bakery. We started our trip at Magic Kingdom. At the Main Street Bakery and Candy Store, they had the giant mickey rice crispy (good, but not the same) as well as many smaller, individually wrapped mickey head rice crispy treats.

No big deal, I always would go to Downtown Disney and pick up all of my goodies at the Goofy Candy Shop.

 If it's not already apparent of my love for these mountainous treats, then I don't know what language you are reading this in, and how the translation messed it up. Anyway, imagine my dismay when I walked into the Goofy Candy Shop, and couldn't find these marshmallow wonders anywhere! Obviously, from my picture above, this is a story that shares a warm and happy ending, much like a Disney Fairy Tale. I struck up a conversation with the gentlemen behind the bakery counter, and mentioned that I was looking for the Bigfoot of Rice Crispy Treats, the chocolate covered Rice Crispy Treats. He smiled, and said he was sad they no longer carried them either (the shock, the horror)! He didn't know why they stopped making them, because they were a popular item. Instead, you'll find mickey shaped sugar cookies, but they did have the who-knows-when-it-was-made prepackaged mickey head rice crispy treats that every other bakery and candy shop had.

However, this is when the hero comes in on his shining horse and saves the day- he mentioned there is still one place in Disney that you could find the freshly made rice crispy treats, dipped in chocolate from the heavens above (my words not his), and drizzled with caramel. At this point, my casual conversation turned into more of one that resembles a conversation a detective might have with a suspect- who, want, when, where, and why! My newfound friend told me I could find these treats in the bakery of Germany, deep in the belly of Epcot.

I thanked him immediately- bags empty, snack credits stocked, and a mission to succeed. I was very fortunate- we had actually not yet visited the home of the giant dimpled ball, and were planning on doing so the next day. So, the next day, after breakfast, we headed straight to Germany.

And there, just as the worker at Goofy's Candy Shop described it, I found exactly what I was looking for. I felt like I just scored the winning basket in the championship game, and I was riding on the shoulders of my teammates. I was excited to pick up some of my favorite treats at Disney, and was disappointed when I thought I could no longer find them. It made them taste even better when I was finally able to get my mouth around one... which is not easy-you might dislocate your jaw trying to fit this entire thing in your mouth at once.

 You know, at the start of this, I mentioned some of the reasons people go to Disney. I think this treat can relate to all of them- the rice crispy treat is enlarged in size, much like the characters. There's no way I could make suckers these big at my home. The taste is magical-its something that just seems to taste the best in Disney. And, for this trip at least, finding them was very similar to a ride- I was up, down, and then up again!

 I promise, I'm not as obsessed as I seem. These are just one of the most favorite parts of my trip- I simply tried them on one of my first trips to Disney, and it's just something I have to have every trip I make again. It's like going to the same rest stop, passing by that same giant ball of twine, or taking a ride on Dumbo- this is one of my favorite rituals of going to Disney World. Once you take a trip (if you haven't already), part of the magic is finding something similar of your own. It could be the Zebra Domes at Animal Kingdom, or a pastry from the French bakery. It reminds you of your past trips, and what fond memories you had before. It puts you back into that magical place.

 Feel free to comment what your "Must-have Wonders of Disney" that are similar to what the rice crispies are for me. Heck, make a trip to Germany in Epcot on your next Disney trip, and see what I'm talking about!

 That being said, if you know someone who really likes rice crispy treats, likes the aforementioned rice crispy treat in Germany, or just likes sweets, you can find a similar product at Selmas. I actually ordered a dozen of these last year, and they were nearly the exact same thing (I've read somewhere they were what was actually sold in the parks, but I can't remember where I read it). However, it just doesn't seem quite as magical as biting into something from an online store, when compared to a bakery in Disney.

Nonetheless, it is the next best thing, and a great substitute. You can also find cookies that are similar to the "Minnies Bakery" cookies found in Disney.

 I planned on making this post short and sweet.... at least we covered the sweet part! One final look (I actually had the last bite today... it was bittersweet. No, not the flavor, my feelings!)

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  1. oh how i love these. can't find a recipe for a comparable chocolate topping though :(