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Monday, June 18, 2012

My #1 Epcot tip for this summer/fall!

It has never been a secret that Soarin' Over California in Walt Disney World's Epcot has one of the longest lines at Walt Disney World. I have always told people how important it is to get a Fast Pass for this ride. But I just wanted to share that it is more important than ever now that Test Track is closed for refurbishment.

Soarin' is a great, ride it is one of my favorites and I don't think it should be missed, especially if you don't plan on returning to Walt Disney World anytime soon. Waits for Soarin' are almost always 120 minutes so I think it is extremely important to get  Fast Pass to avoid the line. The problem is that the Fast Passes often run out very quickly but because Test Track is closed there is not another "major attraction" to share the crowds with Soarin; so the Fast Passes will run out even faster than normal. The Fast Passes ran out on our trip by 9:30, it was so disappointing because there is no way we were waiting the 120 minutes for Stand By with our two little ones. I think that all the rides in Epcot's lines are longer because of Test Track being closed, we actually waited 30 minutes for The Seas with Nemo and Friends when I have NEVER waited for that ride!

To sum it up, I am saying get your Soarin' first thing in the morning or the Fast Passses will quickly run out. Yes, this seems to be a no-brainer for some people but I can't stress to you to get them ASAP now that Test Track is closed.

If you don't get a Fast Pass and don't have small children, then maybe the Stand By line is something to consider!


  1. I agree FP is the way to go. We were just at Disney last week and stayed at the boardwalk. So were at Epcot many times last week. I used the Iphone application (Disney Wait Times) for the rides at each park. But one day, Soarin' said the wait time was 75 minutes. We decided to get in line and cool off a bit. Do you know we only waited 35 mins for the ride!? Guess we got lucky!!! LOL

    1. We were running late to a scheduled breakfast, so we hurried quickly to it. As soon as we got out, we walked to Soaring- and the FP were gone for the day! I always wonder just how accurate the wait times are at the rides. However, with two small children, I don't dare call their bluff when it's a lengthy wait!

      We tried using the Disney Parks Mobile Magic App for ride times- we couldn't hardly ever get a connection, making it useless! However, I have heard Disney may allow for wireless hotspots throughout the park, which would be a nice start, assuming they are fast enough and not bogged down.

      Thanks for the sharing!