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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The newest style in Mickey Ears..also Pixar's newest film, Brave!

Imagine you're hungry for dinner. You're in a hurry, and have to pick up your child from practice. McDonalds is on the way, so you plan on stopping there. There's no way you're leaving that drive-through without an order of fries- it's the backbone of McDonalds!

Well, for me, there's something similar when my family visits a Disney park.

It's the annual rite of passage (at least in my family)- when it's someone's first trip, they have to get the iconic Mickey Ears hat with their name etched in the back.

After the first trip, then we can pick one of the fun pairs. On our honeymoon, my husband and I wore the bride and groom Mickey Ears.

Now, Disney has taken it to the next level! Hit the link to find out more.

Almost exactly two years ago, Disney introduced a new nighttime show at Disneyland in California called the "World of Color." It features over 1,000 lights, fog, water, fire,'s amazing.

Well, now Disney has introduced the newest line of Mickey Ears- Mickey Ears that glow and light up, in conjunction with the World of Color show! 

Wouldn't you know it- this Friday is the release of the new Pixar film, Brave. Disney has already created a new Brave section in their World of Color, and you can catch the ears in action! Check out the clip from Orlando Attractions below.

Here's a link to the image source from Fox News- click here- and the new ears cost $25. I imagine they'll glow any and everywhere-but you'll only get the coolest effect while at Disneyland watching 
the World of Color.

Disneyland is really stepping up their game- with the new World of Color show and light up Mickey Ears, and Cars Land.... if you have been in the past couple of years or never at all, there are a number of awesome things going on. Let me know if you want to be experience the Magic!

What else can they make? How about a Mood Ring Mickey Ears, that "change" because of my feelings. For my one year old, a "Clean/Dirty Diaper" Mickey Ears, that change colors when his diaper needs changed. For your dining experience, maybe Mickey Ears that turn red when you want your waiter to stop (and maybe refill your drink) and green when you don't want them to stop.

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