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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not Just Princesses: Disney World for Dads

With Father's Day approaching, it's a great time to touch on some of the things segmented towards the male gender. I've had a couple of clients contact me, and after receiving their quote, say : "Ok, now all I have to do is sell this to my husband!" Not yet have I had the inverse occur.... a husband having to convince his wife. Well, here are some activities that would convince your husband/father/boyfriend/son/anyone who can grow a mustache to see what Disney is all about.

Really, think about the joys of Disney from a woman's perspective: Shopping, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, carrying children/bags around the park... It's not exactly a trip to a historical landmark, camping trip, golfing, boating, fishing trip, or a sporting event-these are all reasons some of the men in my life have taken vacations.

(Note: Many of these activities can actually be found in Disney. You just don't see it plastered all over their marketing materials like you do the castle or rides!)

So, with no further ado, here is my fool-proof guide on how to sell your husband on that vacation to Disney World!

1) The Richard Petty Driving Experience

Is your husband a car junkie, nascar fan, or just a fan of thrills? Even better, does he frequently get speeding tickets? This is your one stop shop. For a very reasonable price, you can ride shotgun while a driver takes you around a track at nearly 150 mph.

 Please note, you have to be 14 and over to be able to do this- so while you take your daughter to join the army of Disney Princesses at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, your son and husband can become the next Dale Earnhardt Jr. There are packages that allow you to get behind the wheel, but they charge you a little extra cash... hey, someone has to pay for the gas!

There's a bus you can catch nearby the Magic Kingdom that will take you to the Experience, as it's not located inside one of the parks. You can even get purchase a video of your entire ride... and did I mention you could drive a Lamborghini?

2) Disney's Fort Wilderness Campgrounds & Wilderness Lodge

I am not a camper. I believe the only happy camper is the one staying in a hotel. That being said, there's plenty of people who do like to camp. If you are a camper, or on a budget, or both- then you should certainly check out the campground at Fort Wilderness. If you like the woodsy-theme, then check out Disney's Wilderness Lodge, complete with a geyser right next to the pool. This is more my style- we stayed here on our honeymoon and loved it. There's also villas that house larger parties.

That being said, this isn't just about the accommodations. It's about the activities you can find nearby.

Take a look at some of the activities you can do in this area:
Boating- you can rent pontoon boats, paddle boats, canoes, kayaks.... you name it!
Back Trail Adventure- take a tour of the background and scenery on a Segway!
Horseback Riding- well, you're riding on the back of a horse.
Fishing- You can book a trip with a guide, or fish in one of the many canals.
Wagon and Carriage Rides- A horse drawn carriage... is there anything more romantic? You're right, a horse drawn carriage in Disney! There are two special rides Disney offers- there's a Haunted Carriage Ride, where you experience a first hand experience of Sleepy Hollow, and a Holiday Sleigh Ride. There's an old fashioned Wagon ride that will let you get a glimpse of the Wild West.
Beer-Located in Fort Wilderness are two great dinner shows that serve beer. One I reviewed earlier- Mickeys Backyard BBQ. The other is the Hoop Dee Doo Revue Dinner Show. Yes, you can drink fine wine, draft beer, or whatever alcoholic concoction at nearly every sit-down restaurant in Disney. It's just that you can eat, drink, AND get entertainment at these two shows.

A little disclaimer- there are a number of places in DisneyWorld that you can rent nearly any type of boat (sail, jet ski, kayak..everything but your own pirate ship) and fish. All of them are Disney lodging that are found near water, and Downtown Disney. There are just a myriad of other activities available in this location.

3) Golf

My husband would have better luck hitting the jackpot on the lottery than he would hitting the golf ball off a tee. However, there are plenty of greens in Disney World that caters to the golf crowd. There are five out-of-this-world courses. It's Disney- they are going to make sure these are five of the most beautiful courses you'll step foot on. A couple are located near resorts- while you take the kids to the pool for the 6th time, he can relax on the golf course! Or, like my husband, he can learn how to hit it off the tee. Lessons are offered daily, priced at adult and junior ( 17 and under) levels.

4) Food
Disney offers some of the finest dining you'll find. From fresh seafood, steaks you can cut with a plastic fork, to mashed potatoes that will melt in your mouth, it's not all about the rides at Disney. There are plenty of hot dog, chicken fingers, and hamburger joints, but if you want to treat the man in your life to a special dinner, Disney it is. No matter if he is a BBQ fiend, Italian food lover, or steakaholic, you can fancy all his tastebuds. What a great way to balance out the character meals with something he will truly love!

5) The Memories.
Isn't this where Disney gets us all? I'd be amiss if I didn't include this. I'll never forget the look of joy on my husbands face as he watched my daughter scream in excitement the first time she laid eyes on the castle. Or the time he rode Dumbo for the first time with each of our children. Our daughter, perched atop my husbands shoulders, watching fireworks from the top of Bay Lake Towers. A trip to Disney is truly magical, and something he'll never forget. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Disclaimer: There are many women who enjoy to fish, boat, and the like. There are many men who don't. These are just some suggested activities... there are a number of things to do at Disney, and this is just a small sample.

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