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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christmas at Disney...without Santa!

I ran across a news story yesterday about a gentlemen getting kicked out of Disney World. It was featured on Yahoo and some other popular news outlets, so you may have seen it as well.

Apparently, he portrays Santa, but was just on a trip with his family in Disney World. He didn't dress up like Santa, but he sure does look like jolly old St. Nick. He was approached by children, and would sign autographs.

Disney, in what appears to be an ongoing battle, had to ask him to stop acting like the North Pole resident, and to tell the kids "he's not who they think he is and to leave him alone."

Today, what lies in my email? A Christmas promotion from the Disney Store!

Either this was an odd coincidence, or Disney really is rubbing salt (or...snow?) in the wound for Mr. Kringle!

Personally, I just think Disney should have given him one of the Goofy hats, and tucked in his hair!


  1. Are you serious?! Santa has to take vacations too -- where better to go than to Disney World?! It's not like he was asking for the attention or walking around advertising to give autographs. I understand that's exactly what Disney characters do - they are there for kids to meet and get autographs. But he wasn't portraying himself as a Disney character - and I'm guessing Disney doesn't have claim on Santa. If I were a kid and saw a jolly old man with a beard, I'd think he was Santa too! It's great that so many kids still believe! And for that man to take his time to stop and talk to those kids and give them attention when he's there on his own vacation - most people wouldn't be so kind. Very seldom do I criticize anything Disney does but if they kicked that man out for that... Very tackey, Disney. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  2. One more thing...well, two... A statement was made in the article and by a commenter about safety. So the man who's trying to be nice to children by encouraging their belief in Santa is harmful? If he was doing anything suspicious, then there is a problem. If anyone is concerned with a strange man harming children, don't take your children in public. The man who resembles Santa humoring kids with his autograph isn't the sicko a parent needs to be leery of - it's the obscure, normal-looking guy who blends into the crowd that knows how to snatch your child. I'm sorry to get so blunt but when I read the article as well as the comment after it, I just got irked. Very seldom do we have kindness in the world these days and when it's shown, criticism is given in return.

    The other thing is that celebrities go to Disney World all the time. You're going to tell a celebrity (who is most likely going to attempt to disguise himself somewhat anyway) they have to make their appearance as low-key as possible and, in essence, be rude to other patrons by telling them "I am on vacation, please leave me alone"? Heck, no! I'm sure those celebrities are paying the big bucks and Disney rolls out the red carpet for them. Yes, these people are on their vacation and need to be allowed to enjoy it. However, as I said, most people, including and especially some celebrities, wouldn't be as kind.

  3. Jennifer, thanks for your comments. This has inspired another posting from me- hope to get it up tomorrow! Thanks

    1. I just saw it - and I freaked! I thought how cool that I inspired someone to write a post! I was introduced to you and your blog by Couponing to Disney and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries! We are hoping to go back to Disney soon (in my mind it's sooner than real life, I'm sure!) and I will probably check in with you when we start planning. I'm a self-named Disney "pro" - I used to work at a travel agency and completed the College of Disney Knowledge but that was years ago so I'm always wanting to know the latest and greatest when we do go. I'm glad I got your gears working - thanks for giving us your great Disney info!!