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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dining in Disney: Limited time to eat at one of Disney's finest restaurants

One of Disney's best- and my absolute favorite-restaurants is closing for renovations soon-for nearly half a year! If you're thinking about going to Disney World, this is one place I always recommend. Read through to find out out which restaurant will be temporarily closing it's doors!

The California Grill, located on the 13th floor of the Contemporary, and located on the monorail, is shutting down January 6, 2013, and is said to reopen in late summer of 2013.

They'll also be changing some of the menu- I'm hoping my favorite items don't change. From some of the best sushi- I'm not a sushi eater, but I always have some here-to one of the finest steaks in Disney World. I swear, I could cut the steaks with a plastic fork. One of my favorite Disney World appetizers is here as well- goat cheese ravioli. It's a tender, giant ravioli, with a somewhat sweet red sauce on top. And how can I ever forget... my favorite dessert in Disney World, the Chocolate Molten Lava cake. I don't know where to begin describing it- once you pierce the cake with your spoon, warm chocolate begins flowing on your plate. There is also some great pieces of chocolate bark on the side. With a side of ice cream, this dessert is unbelievable.

They also provide special viewing of the Magic Kingdom fireworks- not only can you see Cinderella's Castle and the Magic Kingdom from inside the restaurant, you can walk outside on the balconies and watch the fireworks nightly. The music is piped in, so you don't miss a beat. Just so long as you ate at the California Grill that day/night, you bring your receipt to the front desk, and they allow you to go back up to the restaurant to watch the fireworks later. That way, if you have a 5 pm dinner, you don't have to stay until 10 to watch the show. It's a great way to beat the crowds, and still be immersed in the fireworks show.


Maybe I'll be one of the first to welcome the changes- I just hope they don't mess up an already great menu. The decor could use some updating, so I will be looking forward to those changes.

You can find the article in the Orlando Sentinel here.

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