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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Disney FASTPASS Holder

In a post I did last week, I described how the Disney Fastpass works.

The Disney Fastpass is NOT something you want to lose- it's your only way to get on all or some of the major attractions at Disney theme parks!

I can attest to this-on our last trip to Disney World, my husband left our Fastpasses at our hotel room. He didn't realize it until he was on the bus from Bay Lake Tower... so he was able to make a fun round trip back! While he wasted some time on the bus, it was still better than waiting in line for Toy Story Mania (which is what our Fastpasses were for).

I have one easy solution so you'll always know where your Disney Fastpass is!

Which pocket did you put it in? Is it in your stroller? Do your kids want to hold on to their own Fastpass?

One way to ease your mind is to purchase this lanyard holder.

You can attach it to any lanyard you may already have-or even purchase a Disney lanyard from the Disneystore online.

For both items, it would cost a little over $10. This is an easy, cheap, and Disney "themed" way to hold onto those Fastpasses. It's also a place you could store your park tickets, or your Key to the World.

I can't tell you how many times we have had to dig through our backpacks, bags, or purses each time we go through the main gates... it would be so easy to put our Key to the World in one of these!

One of my upcoming posts will be about how you can get extra free Disney Fastpasses.... if you're thinking about booking a trip, or need some advice with one you already have planned, shoot me an email at!

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