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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to get extra FASTPASS at Disney

Ever wanted to ride Toy Story Mania more than once, but the FASTPASS are all gone and the standby line is over 100 minutes long?

Not all is lost! There are a couple of easy ways you can still skip the line by scoring a free FASTPASS!

See if you'll be able to score extra FASTPASS on your next trip!

A little disclaimer- some of this involves pure luck. It's ok to try, but there is no surefire way to get a Fastpass other than putting your own park ticket into the machine. You can try, and consider yourself lucky if you are able to score any extras. That being said, it can be done. Here's a few ways how-

1) If you are celebrating an occasion, make sure it's obvious. When my husband and I went on our honeymoon, we purchased the bride and groom Mickey ears (I guess mine would be Minnie ears?).

It was fun hearing a bunch of people congratulate us on our marriage, but sometimes people would just give us their Fastpass- saying they had an extra, or were leaving the park. By obviously showing we were celebrating, it made it easier for them to approach us. We have given away Fastpasses away before, and sometimes it's just hard to find the right person to approach. It's an easy conversation starter if you are celebrating while at the parks.

As if that wasn't good enough, we had some workers on the rides give us a handful of Fastpasses- again, this happened on our honeymoon. They would just slip them to us-it was amazing!

Of course, sometimes we would switch hats, and we'd get extra attention for that. If you are celebrating, make it obvious, and have fun with it!

2) Take the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Tour. They are located throughout the hotels, parks, dark alleys, and anywhere there might be breathing people. They'll offer gift cards sometimes, but almost always Fastpasses, which you may want instead anyway. It could last anywhere from an hour to two hours, but if you are ready for a break- why not relax there? You get free ice cream, a free ride to any park or hotel, and all you have to do is listen. Another plus- their fastpasses work for any ride... Just make sure you don't wait until the ride runs out of Fastpasses, because then it won't work!

The Fastpasses we have received from DVC are always immediate- meaning, we don't have to return 3 hours later for the ride. They are great.

3) There are apps available for Fastpass transactions- namely, there's one called "Ride Swap." You can find people to trade or give away your Fastpasses to- it just depends on who you come in contact with. People could also sell them if they wanted- but this is highly frowned upon. Making a profit is not what the Fastpass service was intended for, and it's unfair for others. However, I will say that while I have had this app, I have never used it. I've always been so busy at Disney, and we have been able to easily get our fill of the rides.

With all of this being said- there's many rumors floating that Disney will change how they distribute their Fastpasses. They may begin distributing through apps on a phone. You may be required to pick your times before you leave, and your ability to pick may be based on your hotel (the more expensive hotel, the sooner you get to choose, so you get better times). There's rumors you may get more Fastpasses if you stay at more expensive resorts.... No one knows for sure yet. Again, these are all rumors, and we will see where Disney goes. For now, these are a couple of ways you can work the Fastpass system to your advantage!

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