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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Missing Disney? Bring a Disney theme park to your home!

I, like many other people, wish I could visit Disney every day.

Disney World & Disneyland are such magical places... I am bursting with excitement each time we plan to a trip, all the way until I'm at Disney, but then there's always that let down once we are on our way home.

 Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the middle of the United States in Missouri, and I don't think a Disney park is moving any closer....and for that matter, my bank account isn't getting any bigger. So, what to do?

Here's one cheap, easy, and awesome way to bring a Disney theme park right into your house!

I know this is a little late- the game has been out for almost a year- but Disneyland for the Xbox Kinect is amazing.

The game is set in Disneyland- you are literally walking through the park, chasing down characters for autographs, riding some of your favorite rides, and you'll find some familiar tunes when you enter certain areas of the park.

My daughter went nuts when we saw the tea cups, and she started bursting into song when we neared "It's a small world," and I didn't even notice it until then.

My daughter is almost 3- of course, I do most of the work on the game, but she is right along with me, and thinks she is doing it. Once she gets just a little bit older, she'll be able to master the game. It's seriously fun for all ages- I also have a blast on it.... you'll enjoy just watching.

Now, this isn't a game review or anything like that. If you want that, click here.

What I am sharing is one way to get your Disney fix. It's so immersive, and appeals to almost all of your scenes (just light one of your favorite candles that smells like a Disney hotel!).

It's a great way to prepare your little ones for what you are about to experience. You can also relive some of the experiences you had on your own Disney trip.

It's also a good active activity- some of the rides, you'll find yourself moving all over the place.

Even better- you can find the game on Amazon for just $10!

You can hug, high five, and dance with characters. You'll be sent on missions for them, and they'll give you gifts in return. You can visit gift shops, the Emporium.... this is a great Disney experience!

All you'll need is an Xbox and an Xbox Kinect. If you don't already have one.... well, it's never to early to start thinking of Christmas presents (and hey, maybe you can get a little enjoyment out of it too!).

However, you won't find any trip advice from me- you'll get to experience the game all on your own!

If you want the full blown thing, or this just makes you want to go back.... I'm always an email away!

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