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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Boo to you!

Today marks the first day you can attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, the first of 23 nights!

There are so many cool things to do.

There's a special "Boo-to-you" Parade, which ends with the Haunted Horseman running by.

There's also a special "HalloWishes" fireworks show, featuring voices from Disney villains. There are also projections on the castle.

You can find characters dressed in special Halloween costumes, as well as some other characters you will rarely find in the park.

You'll also be able to trick or treat at various locations in Magic Kingdom- this is one time you won't get kicked out for dressing up in your favorite costumes!

Again, the theme is "Not-So-Scary," so it's appropriate for all ages.

Click the link for some extra tips!

If you are attending with kids, try and trick or treat during the first fireworks show. That way you can rest during the second show, and be closer to the park exits.

Fantasyland is bound to be a popular spot for trick or treating.

Make sure you eat before the party starts- otherwise, you and your children will be loading up on sweets. Some of the restaurants in Magic Kingdom will have impossible waits, or will be closed. Of course, you can always stop by the bakery for a filling treat, but you want to make sure you get a chance for some "real" food.

Some of the best viewing for the parade and show is in front of the castle. Position yourself so you can easily see the Castle, and the parade will also go right by you. However, be prepared- these parades are very popular. Late at night, tired kids (and adults) can lead to some grouchy people. Remember to smile, and the fact you are in Disney World!

You will also want to stop by the Haunted Mansion.. it's a little special for Halloween time. I won't spill any details, so that you can be surprised!

Also, don't worry about trick or treat bags. You'll be able to get bags inside the park.

And finally, remember there is a separate charge for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- if you don't purchase the ticket, you will have to leave once the party starts. Also, the Halloween Party is only on specific nights- so if you aren't going, maybe you want to go to Magic Kingdom on a day there isn't a Halloween Party.

You also get a discount if you purchase the tickets ahead of time.

However, you get all of the above, and the wait for the rides are much lower during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- this is one festive party you don't want to miss!

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