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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Create your very own Disney Playroom-Check out my Finding Nemo Playroom!

Last year, we decided to finish our basement. Our basement was unfinished- we were adding a mancave, bathroom, and for our kids, a playroom. I was most excited about the playroom- our living room was turning into a minefield of toys. I was always two steps away from an ER visit.

We created our very own Finding Nemo playroom! When I began my free Disney trip planning career, our local newspaper, the St. Joseph News-Press, came to my house and did an article. The playroom was the perfect backdrop for the picture!

(photo from the St. Joseph News-Press)

How did we decide our theme? Really, there are countless options-there are Mickey Mouse rooms, Cars, Disney Princess... and how did we make it?

Check out the link-anyone can do it! This could be a great way to get ready for the new Disney Art of Animation Resort (where they have Cars, Finding Nemo, the Little Mermaid, and Lion King rooms), or maybe it's a way to bring the hotel home with you AFTER the trip!

 Also, our very own Disney parks touch in the playroom!

We decided that it needed to be a gender-neutral theme (we have a boy and girl) and we were browsing the web for inspiration. After searching we came upon the official Disney paint site that became our go-to guide. Our playroom is a little over a year old now and the ideas have changed since then because there used to be a Finding Nemo themed room but there no longer is one. Click here for great Disney room ideas! When we found the site, there were stencils, specific paint recommendations, and more.

Of course, the Disney room decorating site still has High School Musical themes, but they got rid of Finding Nemo, which they recently rereleased. That makes perfect sense!

Anyway, if you want to create this yourself- you'll want a light blue for the ocean.

Check out that giant Crush! As Crush would say.. it's very Gnarly!

In these pictures, you'll notice that I also purchased a small Finding Nemo curtain. I actually bought it off Ebay pretty cheap.

Check out the carpet- we actually hit the lottery with this one. We visited our local furniture store, Nebraska Furniture Store, and looked at the carpets. They had official Disney carpets, and they were about the same price of a Disney vacation...and we loved some of the brightly colored carpets they had. We ended up with this bright green, because it wasn't too bright, and again, it was gender neutral. It wasn't until after we picked out the carpet that we picked out the Finding Nemo theme... now it fits in perfect with the seaweed!

As I mentioned before, there were stencils for the seaweed. My husband actually thought it'd be easier to hand paint the seaweed by free hand, so we didn't even both with the stencils. I think it turned out well!

Shark bait!

The thing you obviously notice are the Finding Nemo characters. Everything initially thinks we painted them. Um, no. They are actually Fatheads-you can find them here. It made our Disney playroom so easy to create!

Also, here's a little tip- google "Fathead coupons." We were able to save some cash for fish food (aka all these toys you see on the floor). Currently, I found promotions for $10 and $15 off. These are great quality stickers-well worth the money!

Finally, my husband came up with a little surprise. In Disney theme parks, there are hidden "Mickeys" throughout the parks- you can find the silhouette of the Mickey Mouse head where you would least expect them. There are all kinds of guides and websites devoted to them. My husband painted our very own hidden Mickey in the seaweed above!

Our kids love it- this room is like a giant fish tank!

So there you have it- if you want to create your own Disney playroom-specifically  Finding Nemo playroom- just pick out the two colors of paint- you'll need a light blue and neon green. Then, the green carpet helps. Buy the Finding Nemo Fatheads, and you will soon be under the sea!

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