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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Disney Baby fever!

I posted Monday about some great baby shower gift ideas- and I decided, what the heck, let's continue that theme. I've been browsing through some of the new Disney baby items, and it's giving me baby fever!

I always get that "Why didn't they have that when I was having a kid (or was a kid)!" And now I'm even more frustrated- my son is only one, and now they are releasing some of the cutest gifts ever.... why couldn't they have done this a year ago!!!! Ok, I'm settled down now.

First, I found this awesome crib collection. Here's a couple of their offerings. I was always disappointed that I could never find Disney baby bedding for our crib. Below are a couple of gender specific options- they also have Lion King bedding, if you want to keep your little tiny baby a surprise.

You'll notice the mobile, personalized quilt, sheets, receiving blankets, lamp... I love it!

You can buy these items individually, or as a set for $190.

However, I think my favorite Disney baby gift would be these.....

Look at these welcome home sets! What a great gift to bring someone who just had a little one... or, you can kindly suggest to your relatives to buy for you :) ! These are $39.50, and can also be personalized. You can buy them here!

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