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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Disney FAQ: What is the Park Hopper option on a Disney theme park ticket?

One of the most asked questions I receive are about Disney theme park tickets.

There are so many options- you can just base theme park tickets, Park Hopper tickets, tickets that allow you to go to the water parks, tickets that don't expire... of course, for all of these perks you will have to pay for them.

Let's take a look at one of those Disney park ticket options- the Park Hopper.

This is one of the most used, and can be very beneficial for you.

The Park Hopper option is very straight forward.

It costs $60-and it doesn't matter if you are going to the parks for three days or eight days- the fee is $60 a person.

Now, why in the world would you want to spend the extra $60? Because you can visit any park, any of those days you have tickets.

One helpful reason to add a park hopper is dining- you are free to visit any restaurant, no matter what park you begin or end your day in. Dining is Disney is spread throughout hotels and theme parks. If you don't have park hopper, you are limited on dining options.

The other nice perk-everyone has a favorite park. That means if you go to one park, and realllllllllly want to go back to the other park, then you can do it. Otherwise, the answer is no. Or, you might have to omit going to a park, because it took you two days to get your fill of one park.

The other thing is fireworks- this way, you can go see whatever fireworks show you want to see (or see again).

If you are on a tight budget-for a family of four, this is about $250. It is something you CAN cut out. But it is certainly something that can make your trip more flexible, easier on you, and convenient.

The one thing that it is important to know- you can add these later at your stay. If you know you are going to use it, get it. It will save you a trip from waiting in a line at a Disney theme park or hotel. But, as long as you have one day remaining on your ticket, you can add these for your stay.

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