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Monday, September 24, 2012

Do it yourself-Create Disney Halloween Decorations!

I love holidays. I love Disney. You'd be shocked to discover that I have many festive Disney decorations around my house, but yes, it's true.

One of my favorite thing to do is to make my own Disney decorations. No one said creating your own Disney decorations is easy- but it is cheaper, and means so much more!

Also, I'm not the craftiest person. Don't you just wish crafty skills were just genetic for women? Much like I wish handyman skills were genetic for husband spent over an hour trying to put up a toilet paper holder in our bathroom last night (we've had the holder for over a year)......but hey, as long as we have patience, and don't give up, we can all get there one way or another! (For my husband, I would say he could get there, one hole in the wall or another!)

Anyway, now that I have small kids, I especially love taking on these craft projects. They get involved, have fun, and I know I will cherish these decorations forever. Win, win win!

Here's a picture of our end project- we made our own Mickey Mouse bat Halloween decoration!

Continue reading- I'll show you how easy and fun it was to make this!

First, you'll need to visit this page. Basically, all instructions, templates, and everything you need is here. I'll show you my progress, and any changes we made.

First, we used black construction paper, and white card stock. I liked the thicker white paper better.

 First, all we did was cut out the template of the Mickey bat, and traced it on our black paper. It took some time to cut those angles!

 Next, we cut out two of the bats-you will glue the two bodies together later.

 This was my first attempt at a Mickey face, I just used a sharpie and eyed the template. Pretty easy! Again, you'll want two faces for each side of the Mickey Mouse bat.

We found some yarn (the site suggest monofilament. At my house, I'd be more likely to find mononucleosis ) to hang the Mickey Mouse bat by.

Here's where we deviated a little bit. As you can see from the picture, my lovely daughter Klarabelle tried to use a gluestick over the pipe cleaner we had previously glued to the Mickey Mouse bat-we were going to glue the two bats together now. However, in no way was our glue stick strong enough. We ended up using a hot glue gun and glued it all along the perimeter of the Mickey bats. They stayed together much better.

After that- we glue the faces on both sides, and BAM! Mickey Mouse bats! They were so easy to make! What a cute and easy way to decorate for Halloween!

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