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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Discussing Disney Episode 13

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Disney Cruises affected by Hurricane Sandy

First- if you are in the area affected by this massive storm, I hope and wish nothing but the safest thoughts upon you and your family.

Second, Hurricane Sandy has obviously had some effects on the Disney Cruise lines- specifically those who boarded in the past couple of days, and had to deal with some unexpected weather. I could only imagine... that's one unfortunate gamble that affects all cruise lines, the weather.

Apparently the Disney Fantasy experienced a little bit of Sandy-it's been reported from passengers onboard that there were broken windows and some other damage.

I found this article- it details some of the damage, and provides more pictures.

Also, here's a link to a CNNi report from a passenger onboard, complete with video. Sounds a bit scary, but they also wrote of how well the captain and crew managed the ship.

Disney recently came out with this statement:

Disney Cruise Line® appreciates your patience and understanding with the unexpected weather delays and inconvenience created by Hurricane Sandy.

As a gesture of sincere goodwill, Disney Cruise Line is extending an offer to Guests who debarked the Disney Dream on Oct. 28 and the Disney Fantasy on Oct. 27, 2012.

For Guests debarking the Disney Fantasy on Oct. 27 - A letter was provided to Guests offering a 25% discount for a future 3-, 4-, 5- or 7-night Disney Cruise Line reservation, or a future stay at the Walt Disney World Resort (up to 7-nights in length), commencing prior to Dec. 1, 2014.
For Guests debarking the Disney Dream on Oct. 28 - A letter was provided to Guests offering a 25% discount off of a future 3-night Disney Cruise Line vacation that commences prior to Dec. 1, 2014.

Please note: This offer is non-transferable, valid for only those Guests who cruised on this voyage, and excludes holiday sailings. 

So, if you were one of those guests, and would like to claim in this offer, please contact me at and I can certainly help make these arrangements. All I would need is your reservation number.

Safe travels to all!

Pumpkins and the scariest Gingerbread House you'll find!

My family decided to carve pumpkins Friday night- it was really such a tough decision for me to pick out a design for one of our pumpkins-

Of course, that's about as fancy as we get!

However, if you are ever so lucky to visit Disney during October, they do some really awesome for Halloween (much of which I have covered in previous blog posts).

You'll be amazed at some of these pumpkins they carve.

You'll also find a "Haunted" Gingerbread House... it's so awesome. Really, if you can go to Disney during a holiday, the decorations and themes are out of this world.

Here's a preview at some of the treats you'd be in for-

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never lose your Disney theme park ticket again!

Color television, indoor plumbing, sliced bread.... many breakthroughs in technology are not a new item, but just an improvement on one.

Well, Disney may have an improvement on the way when it comes to their park tickets.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Limited Time Magic at Disney Parks

Disney is going to make every week a little magical in 2013-they have special events planned for each week-and once a new event happens, the old one is gone. That's 52 weeks of magic!

Special food, merchandise, characters, fireworks-it's all coming in 2013!

Every vacation will be a little extra special. I love this promotion. It will certainly make your trip unique, and a fun surprise.

The only problem is that I know I am going to be crazy and jealous over some of these... I'll want them to happen during my trip!

Check out what Disney has already released as a preview-

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The next big Disney star

I ran across an interesting article recently-"How Videogames Are Changing Disney."

The popularity of "Where's My Water?" App has lead to all kinds of merchandise for the Swampy character, the poor alligator who just wants to take a shower. Phone cases, pins, stuffed plushes.

Another popular game- Epic Mickey-is getting ready to release it's follow up, Epic Mickey Two. This game is where Disney re-released Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to the world. And soon, you'll find an Oswald's Tires merchandise storefront in Disneyland.

While Oswald is a special case-he already has a storied history-neither of these two characters appeared in a cartoon on the Disney channel or a Pixar movie....both have found themselves wildly popular on iPhones, an Xbox, or your computer. This is certainly a new route.

And if you think about it, it does make sense. Do your kids play these games? Do you own a video game console? It's simply another outlet to reach more people, and yet another reason to visit Disney. They have a stable of characters, and if you are one of the thousands and thousands of people who have downloaded "Where's My Water" for 99 cents, then you might be inclined to purchase the product as well.

I just found this interesting, that Disney is making this extension. This is even talk in the article I mentioned of having Swampy in the water parks at Disney World.

It got me thinking.... could you imagine a video game theme park? There are so many characters, lands, and themes. Video games sell just as much as movies, if not more, and often characters appear in sequels, so they are well developed. How many people would go to a World of War Craft, Call of Duty, or Halo area? Could you imagine a Mario and Luigi walking around, and then you visit Bowser's Castle? Maybe one day....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dancing Mickey accident

Check out the video below, from the Chef Mickey's restaurant at Disney World. Kind of funny, but also a reminder to  stay in the characters sight- I imagine their vision might be a little impaired!

Update on Fantasyland

(Image source: Bay News 9)

Well, if you are not going to Disney anytime soon, my news updates might seem a little redundant. Rides opening and closing. However, if you ARE going soon, then you may be in for a bit of luck!

Last Friday, Disney World let some people in for parts of the new Fantasyland expansion, in preparation for the soft opening on November 19.

What's the big deal? Well, you are certainly would be one of the first people to visit this soon-to-be-packed space....and, ride times will be a fraction of what it will be soon. The only part not open is the "Be Our Guest" restaurant.

Reviews have been glowing of the new addition-this will be another notch in Disney's belt. I know I can't wait to see it on my next trip.

There are no guarantees that this will remain open if your trip is scheduled between now and November 19th, but there is certainly the possibility!

For more photos of the area, click here.

Friday, October 12, 2012

See ya real soon Splash Mountain...Closed for refurbishment dates

Yesterday, I happily posted the dates for Test Track to reopen, along with Fantasyland.

Unfortunately I also have to post today about when Splash Mountain will be closed-again, they do this just before my own vacation! Come on Disney!

However, this is how Disney stays on top. They are constantly updating, painting, improving, and working on their rides. It comes at a cost-like people not being able to visit iconic rides-but it keeps the ride iconic and not run down. While sad, it is a necessary evil.

Anyway, here are the dates that Splash Mountain at Disney World will be closed....Also, how it could affect other rides!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Test Track Reopening and Changes Announced!

Disney recently announced the date Test Track will finally be reopening at Epcot!

Disney World reopened Big Thunder Mountain Railroad this past summer, after being closed for some updating, on the day we LEFT! Talk about bad close, yet so far away! And on our next trip in early 2013, our favorite restaurant, California Grill, is closing for renovation, the day BEFORE we get there! Seriously, what did I do to upset the Disney people?!!!

Anyway, back to the reason was Test Track was closed.....

From the Disney Parks site-

"When Test Track reopens, this reengineered attraction will allow guests to experience the fun world of automotive design firsthand. Guests will first enter a Design Studio and make a series of selections (as an individual or a group) to create their ideal virtual custom concept vehicle. They then board a six-passenger SimCar for a test drive to see how their own design compares to the attraction’s SimCar in Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness and Power.

And it sounds like the post-show will be just as much fun. Here, guests can see how well their car performed, and race it over changing terrains and extreme conditions on a digital driving table. Guests can also produce and star in a TV commercial for their custom cars, explore a Chevrolet showroom that will feature the latest models, and more."

Looks like a fun futuristic ride. I loved it before, but it looks like each ride could be a unique experience.

Check out the date it opens-and see why it might be an extra popular day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Presidential Race-Disney style!

Well, it is election time.

Unfortunately, it also means ABC will be showing the Presidential Debate instead of Modern Family tonight-don't get me wrong, politics are important, and I feel so fortunate that I can actually complain about this, compared to other countries. It's just that Phil, Gloria, Cameron and the rest of the cast are so hilarious and the show always makes me laugh! Oh well, next week!

Anyway, if politics is your thing- both Disneyland and Disney World can provide a fix. These attractions are amazing, and also offer a nice break from walking (and air!).

Many people skip these attractions on their visit- everyone is going to to Disney to ride Space Mountain or Tower of Terror. But attractions are certainly worth a visit.

You'll be glad you stopped-the shows are awesome. They tell the story of America-and in a very cool way. These are some of the best animatronics you'll find anywhere! Check out some'll be feeling so patriotic when you leave!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking for discounted Disney shopping?

Everyone loves a bargain.

Shopping online is one of the best places to find a bargain- there are all kinds of websites like that offer a limited supply of merchandise for a discounted price, and once they are gone, they are gone for good! Typically, there's a new deal each day-sometimes this leads to the old Home Shopping Network problem-it looks so great, it's so cheap, how can I turn a great deal down? And then when you finally get it in the mail, you have no idea why you bought it.

Speaking of the HSN, here's one of my favorite Youtube videos, just because...worth a laugh!

Anyway, back to Disney. 

Disney has jumped on the bandwagon. They have started their own exclusive discounted website- from park merchandise, stuffed toys, clothing... you name it, I'm sure it will eventually be on there. 

You can find that website at...