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Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking for discounted Disney shopping?

Everyone loves a bargain.

Shopping online is one of the best places to find a bargain- there are all kinds of websites like that offer a limited supply of merchandise for a discounted price, and once they are gone, they are gone for good! Typically, there's a new deal each day-sometimes this leads to the old Home Shopping Network problem-it looks so great, it's so cheap, how can I turn a great deal down? And then when you finally get it in the mail, you have no idea why you bought it.

Speaking of the HSN, here's one of my favorite Youtube videos, just because...worth a laugh!

Anyway, back to Disney. 

Disney has jumped on the bandwagon. They have started their own exclusive discounted website- from park merchandise, stuffed toys, clothing... you name it, I'm sure it will eventually be on there. 

You can find that website at...

Disney's discounts can be found at

Once there, you can sign up for email alerts-this way, you don't have to check each day something new is sold-they will just send you an email. Otherwise, you'll have to visit the site each day.

So maybe it will lead to a couple of impulse buys... but hey, you can stock up for future presents this way!

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