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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never lose your Disney theme park ticket again!

Color television, indoor plumbing, sliced bread.... many breakthroughs in technology are not a new item, but just an improvement on one.

Well, Disney may have an improvement on the way when it comes to their park tickets.

According to this article from the Orlando Business Journal, Disney has filed with the FCC for a radio frequency identification wristband.

(Image from Orlando Business Journal)

While there are no specifics yet, there are many wonderful possibilities.

Currently, you are given a park ticket that appears similar to a credit card. You have to wait in line at a turnstile, put your card in a reader, and have your finger scanned. At times, this can lead to lengthy lines.

With a wristband, there is the possibility that you would simply place your wrist under a scanner, and then move on. I'll tell you it would save our family plenty of time- we always put our tickets in an easy to get to spot, and then we are left with going through one thousand bags just outside the ticket turnstiles, with everything strewn around us. Five minutes later, we find them placed neatly in a spot.

I'd also be excited if they could integrate Fastpasses on these, that would be wonderful- one less thing to carry. There is also the rumor of phones and an app for the Fastpass-but I imagine these wristbands would be more accessible for all.

The article I linked to mentioned the wristband being used to purchase products- as a customer, it's a lot easier to purchase an item if I physically don't have to get money out of my wallet...just swipe my wrist! I could really do some damage then.

The author also suggest Disney will be able to track guests-and move vendors to where a majority of people are. From a guest perspective, you could also see the more crowded areas, if they were to share results on a map somewhere. Regardless, I think this is a win for guests, and a win for Disney, should they pursue it this way. People don't want to be tracked, but really, come on- you're in a theme park with thousands of people-it's not really that private in the first place. You're going INSIDE the park-they won't have the ability to tap your phones with this wristband. 

This would also make life easy at the water parks- you could easily walk up to a concession area and get something to drink quickly, without having to carry around your money or tickets, or making a trip back to your locker. 

Again, this is just something that could happen-who knows what will happen. Here's what I know- Disney is always trying to get better, and stay ahead of the game. 

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