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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins and the scariest Gingerbread House you'll find!

My family decided to carve pumpkins Friday night- it was really such a tough decision for me to pick out a design for one of our pumpkins-

Of course, that's about as fancy as we get!

However, if you are ever so lucky to visit Disney during October, they do some really awesome for Halloween (much of which I have covered in previous blog posts).

You'll be amazed at some of these pumpkins they carve.

You'll also find a "Haunted" Gingerbread House... it's so awesome. Really, if you can go to Disney during a holiday, the decorations and themes are out of this world.

Here's a preview at some of the treats you'd be in for-

Just hit play on these two videos- both are short. Of course, I can help plan for you to see these awesome activities if you are planning on going to Disney anytime!

And for a Gingerbread House... straight from A Nightmare Before Christmas

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