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Friday, October 12, 2012

See ya real soon Splash Mountain...Closed for refurbishment dates

Yesterday, I happily posted the dates for Test Track to reopen, along with Fantasyland.

Unfortunately I also have to post today about when Splash Mountain will be closed-again, they do this just before my own vacation! Come on Disney!

However, this is how Disney stays on top. They are constantly updating, painting, improving, and working on their rides. It comes at a cost-like people not being able to visit iconic rides-but it keeps the ride iconic and not run down. While sad, it is a necessary evil.

Anyway, here are the dates that Splash Mountain at Disney World will be closed....Also, how it could affect other rides!

Splash Mountain will be closed January 4, 2013 through March 21.

Maybe you can just spend the extra time on Fantasyland, as there will be plenty new.

This also could mean that Fastpasses for Space Mountain go sooner during this time- so be sure to pick those up immediately.

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