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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Test Track Reopening and Changes Announced!

Disney recently announced the date Test Track will finally be reopening at Epcot!

Disney World reopened Big Thunder Mountain Railroad this past summer, after being closed for some updating, on the day we LEFT! Talk about bad close, yet so far away! And on our next trip in early 2013, our favorite restaurant, California Grill, is closing for renovation, the day BEFORE we get there! Seriously, what did I do to upset the Disney people?!!!

Anyway, back to the reason was Test Track was closed.....

From the Disney Parks site-

"When Test Track reopens, this reengineered attraction will allow guests to experience the fun world of automotive design firsthand. Guests will first enter a Design Studio and make a series of selections (as an individual or a group) to create their ideal virtual custom concept vehicle. They then board a six-passenger SimCar for a test drive to see how their own design compares to the attraction’s SimCar in Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness and Power.

And it sounds like the post-show will be just as much fun. Here, guests can see how well their car performed, and race it over changing terrains and extreme conditions on a digital driving table. Guests can also produce and star in a TV commercial for their custom cars, explore a Chevrolet showroom that will feature the latest models, and more."

Looks like a fun futuristic ride. I loved it before, but it looks like each ride could be a unique experience.

Check out the date it opens-and see why it might be an extra popular day!

Test Track will reopen December 6. So hopefully your trip won't be ending December 5!

This is also the day Magic Kingdom officially opens the new Fantasyland expansion.... so if Princesses aren't your thing, maybe you head over to Epcot!

Seriously, talk about a busy day for Disney.....

And as always-even if you have been to Disney World recently, there are now all kinds of new things for you do. Disney recently came out with multiple discounts for the end of 2012 and start of 2013, so shoot me an email at for a free quote!

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