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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The next big Disney star

I ran across an interesting article recently-"How Videogames Are Changing Disney."

The popularity of "Where's My Water?" App has lead to all kinds of merchandise for the Swampy character, the poor alligator who just wants to take a shower. Phone cases, pins, stuffed plushes.

Another popular game- Epic Mickey-is getting ready to release it's follow up, Epic Mickey Two. This game is where Disney re-released Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to the world. And soon, you'll find an Oswald's Tires merchandise storefront in Disneyland.

While Oswald is a special case-he already has a storied history-neither of these two characters appeared in a cartoon on the Disney channel or a Pixar movie....both have found themselves wildly popular on iPhones, an Xbox, or your computer. This is certainly a new route.

And if you think about it, it does make sense. Do your kids play these games? Do you own a video game console? It's simply another outlet to reach more people, and yet another reason to visit Disney. They have a stable of characters, and if you are one of the thousands and thousands of people who have downloaded "Where's My Water" for 99 cents, then you might be inclined to purchase the product as well.

I just found this interesting, that Disney is making this extension. This is even talk in the article I mentioned of having Swampy in the water parks at Disney World.

It got me thinking.... could you imagine a video game theme park? There are so many characters, lands, and themes. Video games sell just as much as movies, if not more, and often characters appear in sequels, so they are well developed. How many people would go to a World of War Craft, Call of Duty, or Halo area? Could you imagine a Mario and Luigi walking around, and then you visit Bowser's Castle? Maybe one day....

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