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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Disney Trip Advice and Tips

A little over a week, I had a Disney gift card giveaway on my Facebook page. If you haven't liked my page-I'm going to give one away again soon, so go ahead and like it!

To qualify for the the free Disney gift card, I simply asked my followers to share their favorite Disney travel tip. I was amazed at the responses!

I have complied some really useful Disney tips that were posted, along with some of my thoughts. Click for some great Disney travel advice!

Elizabeth shared a couple of things- first, Disney can be experienced so many ways. This will be her first trip with her husband. It's going to be different than going with your own parents, friends, children, or with a large group. No matter how you go, you'll have fun. But it will also be different! I've been to Disney as a small child, teenager, with a school group, my honeymoon, pregnant, with an infant, with my own small children... it's all so different, but so much fun. With a child it's fun because the small things instantly become so important-which is good and bad-but it's also fun with a spouse, because you are free to enjoy each other and have fun.

The other thing Elizabeth shared I wanted to point out-you can make meal reservations. Really, this is a must. For the most part, you are able to make Disney dining reservations 180 days in advance. There are so many great restaurants at Disney, but they are all so popular. You are able to maximize your experience in Disney if you make dining reservations. This will take time-you'll have to plan ahead where you want to eat. Of course, that's something I can help you with-for free- and also spent hours on the phone with Disney, making those reservations for you!

Shawn is right-talk to the characters! Especially the ones who can speak. Disney does a great job with their "performers"- they really are actors and actresses. The Mad Hatter is certainly mad, but it's like talking to the same character from Alice in Wonderland. As he noted, Cinderella's step sisters are fun to talk to as well-don't be taken aback if they are rude, because that IS their character from the film. It is so fun and part of the immersive experience Disney offers.

Another great tip, this one from Amy. I will warn you, that stroller will look so tempting if it's empty- there will be a point you'd love to jump in it and have someone push you around. It really is quite easy to bring your own stroller. If you are able to take Disney's free airport transportation, Magical Express, they will put it in storage underneath the bus on your way to the Disney World park. Once there, they'll get it out, with the rest of your luggage, and you are free to push your children (or have someone push you) all over. For a little effort, you get a lot of use. And then, like Amy mentioned- you can push all your merchandise (which you will have plenty of) around, without feeling like you have 10 pound weights on each arm. You have a place to store a drink or snacks. You have a place for your children to take a quick nap, and get shade. 

Amy brought out another idea for a tip of my own, and it's one advantage with staying on Disney property. Don't want to haul your shopping purchases all around? You don't have to- you can have all of your purchases shipped to your room. You'll just have to go to the gift shop at your Disney resort to pick up the items. This makes things so much easier-and it's also fun to go back to your room and see what you bought. In my case, I usually buy so many things, I forget what I buy.. not the best habit, but it's fun. You just can't be leaving the next day, or they won't let you ship the items back to your room...they want to make sure you are able to pick them up before you leave. So-another tip-get the bulk of your merchandise shopping done early, or at least 2 days before you will be leaving. 

Chrissy makes a good point. If you are a first timer, you'll need to do some research to get the most out of your trip. There is so much to do, see, eat-it's easy to get overwhelmed. Also, Disney is always changing-that's how they get people to come back. That's not to stay they don't keep much of it the same-the themes in hotels don't change, Main Street USA will always have Casey's Corner selling the best mini corn dogs-they will add to it. Like the new Carsland in Disneyland, the Art of Animation resort and Fantasyland at Disney World, or the new ships on the Disney Cruise line. However, this is one of my areas of expertise-I have done all the research so you don't have to!

Heather will be the last tip today. When you think Disney, you don't always think about the water parks there. Well, if you have ever watched any of the "Best Waterparks"or best Waterpark rides on the Travel Channel, you'll find the Disney Waters-Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach-at the top. It's no surprise they are awesome-Disney themes them as well as the parks, and offers great rides-it's just that people aren't as aware of them. From one of the fastest and tallest water slides to an awesome wave pool to snorkeling with stingrays and sharks, the watermarks at Disney World are worth a visit, and extending your trip by a day or two.

These are just a few of the tips my followers shared. I intend to revisit this soon, and share more of them with you. In the meantime, be sure to head to my Facebook so you don't miss your chance to win a Disney gift card, or read some of these great tips!

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