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Monday, November 12, 2012

Main Street Bakery closing at Disney World- for Starbucks.

I posted about this on my Facebook page over the weekend- Disney announced that Starbucks will be moving in Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom. Going out will be Main Street Bakery.

Main Street Bakery was one of our favorite places to use snack credits from the dining plan- their bakery was unrivaled. From the best brownies on Earth to giant cinnamon rolls full of melted warm gooey icing, my family always loved the offerings. Last time we couldn't choose between some of the items, so we just ordered some to go, and ate the rest there. Main Street Bakery was a staple, and a perfect fit on Main Street USA. It will be closing in January 2013.

In it's place-Starbucks. Yep, the same Starbucks that you can get at 5 different locations in your city. This seems like a obvious money grab, which Disney should have more than enough of. Starbucks adds no value to my trip, nor is it unique. Main Street USA is themed after the downtown area in Marceline, Missouri. I visited it last year. And while the building decor may stay the same-it's still going to be "Starbucks,"and full of their products- not what I think of when thinking downtown Marceline. I think of homemade products, soda fountains-much of what the Main Street Bakery was. But hey, now we can get a Starbucks muffin or scone-it really is unfortunate there is not a sarcasm font. This just reeks of a selfish monetary move, and I wish Disney would have kept it the same. This is Main Street USA!

I'm pretty sure Disney was already profiting off the location, but they will surely see more with this move-maybe from the Starbucks corporation, but not from me. I  see no issue in offering Starbucks coffee, but retaining the same name-Main Street Bakery- and product line. But to switch over to a "Starbucks" location on Main Street USA is disheartening.

On a positive note- there is a strong rumor that Disney will offer their current menu items. Should that happen, I will obviously stomach the name change (pun intended). However, no one really knows until A) Disney announces that..but really it's B) When Disney reopens the Bakery. I know the changes will be subtle-Starbucks already opened a location in Disneyland, and it's not in your face Starbucks everywhere. I just hope they don't become another Starbucks storefront, much like the ones I can find in my own town. Disney could avoid that by retaining their menu- I want to get unique food that I can't get elsewhere. You might say, it's just a brownie- I promise you, there's no bakery where I live that can touch the quality of food I have tasted at Main Street Bakery.

Starbucks is also opening a location in Epcot, at the Fountain View. Obviously, this location isn't as near and dear to me-it's just another storefront, and not part of the magic that Main Street USA offers.

Really, what's next- Chef Mickey's becomes Chef McDonalds? A buffet of chicken nuggets! That's a little overboard from me, but when I go to Disney- I want Disney.

Many of my posts are positive, pro-Disney and celebrating all you can find at Disney... and I truly love the Disney brand. I'm also very protective of my experience, and I like what it already is. There's a difference between opening something new-and modifying something to a different experience.

However, I am always truthful, and will give my honest opinion. I do the same when booking trips and offering advice to my clients- whether it's a restaurant, hotel, or some other issue- I will give you honest feedback, and not just sugarcoat it because it's Disney. Hopefully-and I will be watching closely- Disney will make the right move with Starbucks.

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