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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My favorite Disney/Thanksgiving tradition

I'm a sucker for the Macy parades- I always love watching them on TV. It's a tradition I'm sure I will pass down to my kids.

Of course, my favorite float is the giant Mickey float at the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade!

This year, the Disney floats will be Buzz Lightyear and Sailor Mickey, according to this article, although I won't be surprised if they switched it, as Sailor Mickey has been around for a couple of years to celebrate the new Disney cruise ships.

Just to show you how far these floats have come- check out this picture of Mickey from the 1934 Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade!

It's amazing to think the parade and Disney have been part of a tradition for so long. They've built a little bit of equity in that time!

Here's a cool link to the Disney Parks Blog- there's some great pictures there!

Also, some interesting pieces of information. Such as: 
"The first Mickey Mouse balloon was a collaborative effort between Walt Disney and Macy’s Tony Sarg, who years earlier applied the principles of marionette puppetry to invent the type of parade balloons we know today. This Mickey was easily one of the biggest that Disney had produced yet, hand-painted and measuring in at 40 feet tall (the star on his chest is a nod to the Macy’s logo).

Mickey was led in the parade by a team of 25 handlers who were festively dressed in Mickey/Minnie costumes. A smaller Pluto balloon, a 34-foot-tall Big Bad Wolf, a 31-foot-tall Little Pig, and a 12 ½-foot-tall Horace Horsecollar followed along in the 1934 procession.

Heres to you and your family having a wonderful Thanksgiving together, celebrating your own traditions!

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