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Monday, November 19, 2012

New Disney Theme Park!

Ok, maybe the title is a little about "What could have been a new Disney theme park."

Walt Disney grew up in Missouri- I visited Marceline, Missouri last year with on a D23 tour. It was amazing to see Walt Disney Elementary, with Disney characters painted in the school. The "real" Main Street USA, which the Disneyland version is modeled after.

It's also cool for me- I live in northwest Missouri, close to Kansas City. Walt did some work and lived in Kansas City for awhile, so I feel like I have some connection to Walt-albeit a small one, it's still something.

I've read and heard of rumors that Walt wanted to build a theme park in Missouri. However, I always read the major hurdle was weather- Missouri doesn't have the sunshine like Florida or California. It's also 70 one day and 30 the next.

KSDK, out of St. Louis, rehashed the topic. Apparently, weather wasn't the issue. Walt was going to open a park named Riverfront Square in St. Louis, and it was going to be inclosed.

Think about it-what disadvantage do Florida and California have? Location. Missouri is smack dab in the middle of the country-it'd be an within a days drive for so much of the US.

So why didn't it happen? It all boiled down to... beer. Walt didn't want to serve beer in the parks, while one of the Busch's (not the former president, but the Anheuser Busch, i.e. Budweiser) obviously wanted to. There were also disputes over construction.

The timing of KSDK releasing this is somewhat coincidental- it was announced not too long ago that Disney World will soon start serving beer at Magic Kingdom, at the Be Our Guest restaurant. In fairness, Be Our Guest is a french restaurant, and they are offering french wine and beer to go with the dinner, so that is a true "gourmet" experience. It's only available at a specific time-dinner-and to sit down patrons only. So it's not like you'll see someone wheeling around a cooler of beer, tailgating for the Wishes fireworks show.

Several classic attractions came from designs for the St. Louis Disney theme park- Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Big Thunder Railroad.

Here's the link to the story-it's very interesting, and they go into more details about the rides.

Or, you can watch their video below.


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