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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cars Land at Disney World

When, there's smoke, there's usually fire.

It sounds like Disney will hopefully be soon be pouring gasoline over this fire, and let it out there: They will construct a Cars Land at Disney World, in Hollywood Studios.

The DIS is reporting that the Lights, Motors, Action! and the Backlot Tour will be cleared to make room for an expansion in Pixar Place (finally... I think Pixar should be an entire theme park!)

This has been rumored for some time, and it appears that the wheels are in motion (pun intended).

Disney World will certainly have something for everyone in your family if it didn't before- Cars and Princesses-on top of everything else they have to offer... you know, Tower of Terror, Splash and Space Mountain, um the entire Magic Kingdom, the renovated Test Track... the list could go on.

Take a look at what Disney Land offers. No guarantee what from Cars Land will make it to Disney World, but it's going to be great!

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