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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dragons and Free Flights!

To hit the hot topic of the moment- Disney FINALLY premiered the Flying Dragon that has been much rumored about the past 6 months- the rumor really got hot last spring, and Disney has teased it ever since. It was thought the Disney Dragon could have been for a Disney theme park overseas....but alas, it's for Fantasyland!

This is stunning. Again, Disney leaves me with my mouth wide open. Imagine taking this in-where else could you view a flying, fire-breathing, life size dragon?

There's many questions as to how often we'll see the Disney Dragon. There's a nice article here that details some of the Disney Dragon's journey from rumor to actual flight.

Here's also a little vacation advice. One of the most expensive parts of a trip is typically airfare. My job is to maximize your vacation-so you get the most bang for your buck! Here's a way for you to get free airfare- and no, it's not on the back of the DIsney Dragon!

Click for free flights!

I love Southwest Airlines. No baggage fees, the crew is usually very friendly, lots of direct flights, and cheaper flights.

Southwest is currently offering "Two Free Roundtrips" in the form of 50,000 bonus points for signing up with their credit card. I did this last year and I love it. I'm spending this money anyway, and I might as well get flights out of the deal.

There IS an annual fee. But basically you're paying $70 for 2 roundtrip flights. I don't know of a better deal than that.

Southwest has changed the deal a bit since I signed up for it last year-I can see why, as the offer was almost too good. Now, you have to spend some money in the first 3 months, and then you can get your points- it used to be you received your points after your first purchase, which could have been 50 cents. However, pay off a couple of your bills, do your Christmas shopping, and just pay off your card at the end of the month so you don't pay any interest- and you literally are getting 2 free roundtrip flights.

My husband and I both applied and got one for our last Disney trip-I believe we ended up paying a little over $100 for our family to fly. Talk about a deal.

So if you are looking for that extra discount to get to Disney-here it is! Apply soon, it's a limited time offer, and it takes some time to spend the money and get the points applied to your account. And then, you can contact me, and I can plan your trip- and of course, I always apply Disney Discounts, so you could really visit Disney on the cheap!

Link for the Southwest Credit Card offer-click here!

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