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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fantasyland Grand opening at Magic Kingdom

What a monumental time at Disney World!

Magic Kingdom got a little more magical yesterday. Restaurants, rides, castles, characters.... Disney has added so much with this expansion!

Check it out for yourself. Here's a link to some great photos from Disney of the opening.

I'm also sharing some great videos from Inside the Magic.

The first video is the entire ceremony that took place in front of Cinderella's Castle. From classic Disney songs sung by Jordan Sparks, to rare characters, to the actual comments- this ceremony was immaculate. Putting this together was no small task, but Disney knocked it out of the park.

This next one is a preview of the new Seven Drawfs Mine Train, slated to open in 2014. It looks like a great family ride! Yet another reason to visit Disney World.

It's an exciting time for Disney theme parks.

One effect- this is going to get all of the attention... and it will be jammed packed for awhile, at least in the immediate future. It will probably attract people away from other attractions, meaning less wait times it will have both a positive and negative in that regard. However, you could certainly plan on spending two days at Magic Kingdom now.

Here's another video from ABC-a fun look inside the new area!

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  1. I haven't been to any Disney park since I was about 7 but it seems like it is SO much more magical than even before. I hope I can take my kids someday but that would require a LOT of extra cash lying around. This is an awesome post. Thanks.