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Monday, January 28, 2013

A little Disney love just in time for Valentine's Day-Disney Mickey Mouse Valentine's Day Box

Love is in the air- Valentine's Day is right around the corner- and yes, if you still have your Christmas decorations up, it's time to move on, and take them down!

Fortunately for me, there's no guessing for me who my Valentine will be-that would my husband!

However, in honor of the time honored tradition of popping those tiny little candy hearts, chugging a cup of Pepsi or two, munching on a heart shaped little debbie snack cake (note- we need to make another holiday, and call it fruit and veggies day. Why do all of these holidays have sweets out the wazoo?), and walking awkwardly around a classroom with a handful of cartoon Valentines (that you hope your crush will notice your "You are the BOMB" card-so romantic- and fall in love with you too), I have decided to create a Mickey Mouse Valentine's Day box! 

Let me tell you- I am NOT Martha Stewart, nor will I ever host a show on HGTV or DIY. You don't have to be either. This is a very easy project.

Also, this box is just fun to have around- maybe you use it to save up for Disney, put Disney memories and photos in- you can use it for whatever you'd like.

Below, you can see my supplies. Some red, white, and black paint. Some paint brushes. And 3 boxes- 1 large, and 2 smaller.

Here's the size and price of my smaller box. In all, this cost me just under $20. You can find any of these supplies at your local craft store.

Of course, any craft we do, my daughter is right behind to help. You can see her little leg here- don't be shy, get your kids involved too!

Just slap some black paint all over the boxes. You can see Mickey coming together!

Once the paint has dried, use a pencil to outline Mickey's face. I use looked at a picture of Mickey, and went from there. I don't think I'll be applying to be a Disney animator any time soon....

Use the black paint to go over Mickey's facial features.  You'll then want to paint the rest of the space in his face white!

Now, here is one tip I have- make sure you have a small paint brush end. I ended up with only large ones, and it made my lines a little larger than I'd like.

Not sure if I love the red tongue or not yet. This could be where you cut the hole for everyone else to drop their Valentines in- right in Mickey's mouth!

I also think my Mickey Mouse Valentine Box turned out to something the Joker would do... at least it looks like we have similar make up jobs. But hey, you get the idea!

And then, we just used a hot glue gun to attach the ears. Just be sure they are far enough apart when you glue them!

And there it is! I'd love to see if you make a Mickey Mouse Valentines Day box.
Email me a picture or post it on my Facebook page- where I'm giving away Disney gift cards for free ALL of February!

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