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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Disney vacation advice of the day: Don't wait for Free Dining!

As you know, Disney comes out with specific promotions throughout the year- save 30% on resorts, free dining, etc.

I always post them when they come out (like I did here recently) so that you know as well.

If you have already booked a trip, I then figure out if it applies to you, and if it does, I apply it to your account- so either you pay less or will have money refunded to you. And you don't have to move an inch!

Here's one piece of advice when it comes to planning your trip- don't wait for the official statement from Disney when they are releasing free Dining in the parks.

Why? Because if you wait until then, you're hopping in line with thousands of other people. There's no way you will be able to eat at all the restaurants that you want, at the time that you want. You will be on the dining plan (for free!) but you won't be able to take full advantage of it. As soon as that promotion comes out, you should try and call Disney- you'll be on hold for hours, because everyone else has the same exact idea as you.

But what if you already had your  trip booked, and dining reservations made? Well, then your reservations hold- at the restaurants you wanted, and at  time you liked-and I just make the phone call, still wait on hold, but you still end up with the free dining plan! (Of course, I have to state- there is a charge if you want a better dining plan than the free one they offer. But it's absolutely a steal at that price)

How can this happen? Well, being a Disney Dork, the Disney Trip Expert, and all of these other self appointed names I have given myself- I know what time of the year that Disney typically releases these discounts. That's part of my trip advice. So if you are able to go to Disney during these times, then there's a good chance you'll be able to take advantage of certain promotions.

That being said- this is also a risk, because there's no guarantee. I know historically what Disney has done, and that's how I can give advice. I'm not able to sit in board meetings and intercept emails to see if they have changed their minds on the dates, however unlikely, it can always happen. Should this happen, and you really can't afford the dining plan- then we could always remove it from your package, or downgrade to a cheaper dining. It's certainly a risk, but a small one... and the payoff would be worth it!

If you want to book a trip- and see if you can get free dining!-send me an email at quotes are always free, and if you book with me this month, you get a free Disney gift card!

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