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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fantasy Faire coming to Disneyland!

There's always lots of news about Walt Disney World, but Disneyland has plenty of new things to offer of it's own. 

The new Cars Land area has proven to be a mega hit. 

But on March 12, there's going to be a new Royal addition at Disneyland.

Next to Sleeping Beauty Castle, you'll find Royal Hall. It's going to be a meet and greet spot for some of your favorite Disney characters- you'll find characters from Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Tangled.

There will also be an animatronic Figaro. He's Pinocchio's cat-but you'll also see him with Minnie  Mouse in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

You'll find a statue of Rapunzel's Tower (or as my daughter calls her, Pencil's Tower). It will have animatronics as well!

Does your child want to become a princess or prince? They'll have a chance to be a part of a magical fairy tale of their own- there's going to be a fun story telling experience. 

Do you like live action shows? There's going to be shows at the Royal Theater, where you'll be able to see shows of "Beauty and the Beast' and "Tangled," in a "vaudeville style" of show. There will be characters appearing during the show- including Belle and Rapunzel, as well as a piano player! 

You'll also have the chance to join in with Belle and Rapunzel in a Royal Ribbon Festival- check out the picture below.

Hungry? You'll find a food cart nearby called Maurice's Treats, that will resemble something Belle's father would have worked at. They will have bread twists with different flavors, and a frozen drink called Boysen Apple Freeze. The drink is frozen apple juice, with wild berry flavor and a passion fruit foam. You can buy the drink in a cup, or a souvenir goblet or stein. The goblet will feature Disney Princesses, and the stein will have Beast on it. Of course, the souvenir cups will sell for a cool $9.99, compared to just $4.50 for the drink in a normal cup.

There's also going to be a new store called "Fairytale Treasures." You'll be able to find Princess costumes and accessories, and some items for your little Prince.

Don't blink- there's always something new at your favorite Disney theme park!

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