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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mizzou Man Cave

This is my first non-Disney post on my blog but I thought it was worth posting! If you didn't know, we are a house divided around here when it comes to collegiate rivals. I say house divided but I am thinking that unfortunately it has been divided unevenly since my husband is brainwashing both of my children to BOO at every Jayhawk they see. I literally had to drag my daughter Klarabelle into the Jayhwawk store at Christmas time. I know that one of these days she will grow old enough to realize who is the better team! 
Anyway, what I wanted to share with you is my husband's Mizzou man cave. You may be asking why I would share this on a Disney site and that is because I know that a lot of my readers are Mizzou fans as well as the fact that I know a lot of you are do-it-yourselfers and I think that this is a fun do-it-yourself project. Don't worry, the man cave isn't free of Disney touches either! 
Two years ago we decided to redo our basement and we knew it was going to by my husband's spot. It was going to be his place to watch Mizzou games and we knew instantly it would be his Mizzou man cave. The rest of the house is home to my Disney obsession so I was okay with devoting a space to him for his favorite passion. We went out to Home Depot and got the official Mizzou black and gold colors for the walls. He knew he wanted one wall to have tiger stripes but we didn't know the best way to do it. We thought about vinyl but we discovered that was going to be pretty pricey. We also looked into projecting stripes on to the wall to paint them but that never happened either. Ky simply just decided he was going to hand draw them on the wall. So he painted the wall the offical gold color and then hand drew the stripes with pencil. Check out how it ended up! 
Here is my favorite part of the room. These are the tiger stripes that were hand painted by my husband. He is actually pretty crafty, more crafty than he is handy! He drew them on with a pencil first and then went back and painted over it with black paint. 

Here is a little Disney touch, the black hat is my husband's wedding Mickey ears that he wore on our honeymoon. 

                         Some more of the Mizzou man cave with two little photo bombers.
Just a little Tiger with her Valentine's Minnie. 

The other side of the Mizzou man cave. I am sorry everything isn't perfectly in it's place but if you know me, you know this is typical! 

Some more Disney touches! My husband also collections bobble heads and here are a few, of course there are some Mickey-sports ones. They are all put up high because Kyber keeps getting ahold of them!

By the way, if you are wondering where my Kansas Jayhawks room is, I do have a little spot. Go ahead and make fun of it now! It is actually our laundry room. It has some Disney touches too, you can see the Disney Fantasy Inagural sailings poster. 
I hope you enjoy seeing our Mizzou man cave!

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